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  1. I'm having my second surgery done on two separate hernias. Four years ago before my freshman year of high school was when I had the first surgery and that was done on the left side. Now I'm getting one done on the right one. So in realizing that I may have to cut back on weed a little after the surgery, I had a friend of mine over and we went rolling.

    I'm not allowed to have any oral indigestion of anything after midnight. Which includes smoking. So I smoked at about 11:15 and then, I ate some arby's at about 11:35. I would assume that I will be fine, but for some reason I think the weed may have some bad affect on the anesthesia they are giving me for the surgery. It doesn't sound like a rational fear, so I think I am just being paranoid. Also when would you suggest I smoke again after the surgery?

    I will probably be home and lying on my couch by around 4:00 P.M. tomorrow and I think I for sure won't be up for anything then. I was wondering what someone else's thoughts would be as to whether I should wait only 2 days or more. Realize that I won't be able to walk around very much still after only two days without some pain to go with it. I got a prescription for hydrocodone, but that stuff only works so much. I was also wondering if anybody knew if weed would have any medicinal affects in this situation?

    Either way I think I am gonna really take advantage of this hydrocodone thing. I think I am gonna start out with 15mg and base future doses off of that, thoughts? Also, my little brother has like forty oxycodones that he never used. I think I might try those out too. I am just guessing that mixing oxycodone and hydrocodone would bring up pretty bad results. So what is the minimum amount of time I should put between taking oxycodone and hydrocodone? Well lets hope everything goes well tomorrow.
  2. Youre gettin a surgery, Im gettin a car. Looks like Im havin a better time than you will be eh?

    But yeah, Ive had multiple knee surgerys, my left knee is pretty much fucked now.
  3. LMFAO:smoking:
  4. I didnt read because it was put together very shitty. You need to break that shit up! Make it easier on the eyes to read.

    Good luck wit the surgery tom.
  5. Sorry about the wall of text. I just broke it up a little for ya. I got an hour and a half right now till I leave for the hospital and I really wish I could have a drink of water. I'm so dehydrated right now. Bluetoke, how did you know my first name? Do I know you from somewhere, or do I have a profile up somewhere that gave out my first name?
  6. if i were you, i'd cold-water extract the hydrocodone from your pills, so you can take a lot of it without alot of acetaminophen.
  7. I have taken Vicodin(Hydrocodone) and Percocet(Oxycodone) at the same time before and experienced no bad results, I was just really fucked up.
  8. ^ha yeah, there won't be any extra 'side' effects or anything, mixing them won't harm you. Also, the cold water extraction could work out well, I've never tried it. HxCurt, could you explain this a little? I've seen some directions/explanations but I've never actually tried it out. And, I've taken these pills(legitimately) for a while and all the tylenol with them really worries me cause I don't want to fuck my liver/kidney's over for the long run. I wouldn't wait any time to smoke if you feel the need or want to, go for it
  9. i had my meniscus removed from my right knee yesterday :(. i fucked it up lanfing flat on a big dirt jump (i downhill/race mountain bikes)

    surgery wasnt that bad, but last night was fucking horrible, it hurt so fucking bad i couldnt sleep. 5 more weeks baby.

    ps: is a hernia something to do with your balls?

    my little brother had one of those. he was 4 and i was like 6 and we were playing Super Maio Kart for SNES, and for the very very first time he beat me, then he was like my stomach hurts. and i told him "no, no, just keep playin" . and he told my mom and it turned out something about his balls in his stomeach or something. i dunno.

    do they took him to the hospital and they operated on the wrong side!!!!! he had to have 2 operations!!!!. wow
  10. dook, you can mix hydro and oxycodone. both are opiates. you want to keep track of apap consumption, the filler in both of thoes meds. stay under 4,000 mg a day, and i suggest no alcohol, i dont know what your dose is so if u have any quests on them ill be glad to help you. have a good surgery.
  11. Ok I'm back. Surgery went fine. I'm not feeling too bad. I can walk around a little, albeit a little hunched over. They gave me 24 vicodin 5/500 APAP. I've taken eight of them so far. So I have sixteen left. I was gonna have some friends over tomorrow to smoke, but my mom decided to take an extra day off work to make sure that I will be ok. She doesn't want to take any chances. So I guess it will be friday until I get to smoke again.

    Right now the pain isn't too bad that I need the vicodin anymore. So I'm planning on having some fun with them tomorrow. I think I am going to take four of them, which is 20mg of hydrocodone. I'm a little worried about the APAP, because the nurse told me that too much of it can increase chances of constipation. Being constipated with a recovering hernia would be a really bad experience, so I am really hoping to avoid that. What is the cold water extraction method?
  12. if all you are taking is 20mg dont worry about a wil onl be taking 2000 mgs of apap and thats not bad.4g is the limit where apap starts doing serious damage.oh and get those cant let those go to watse.oxy's are stronger than hydro so start w/ less on those.
  13. If you're going to be taking a lot of pain killers, I'd also recommend getting some liquid benadryl. It cuts nausea that's associated with pain medication better than anything, plus there's the extra fun of the loopiness that benadryl itself provides.

    I don't know why you guys tend to prefer Vicodin, though. I just got 60 Percocet from my ob/gyn and feel like I hit the jackpot. Percocet, pot, and benadryl is my dream combination, and I'm going to be indulging in it almost every night until I have surgery myself on the 7th. I didn't even think about not smoking afterwards, though; in fact I'm planning on having at least a couple of hits once I get home. I'm having stomach surgery, too, and having already been though a gallbladder surgery 7 years ago, I'm not looking forward to the pain. It's better than permanent pain though, eh?

  14. Surgery tom.= Surgery tomorrow. my guess. I had multiple shoulder surgerys, and really didnt even feel like smoking until after the first week, it sucks. pills dont help enough, and weed helped so much for rehabilitation and the pain associated with that.
  15. that made me laugh so hard it took me 4 min to do this:hippie:
  16. Yo gd luck with that. Hope it works out. I definitly say enjoy some buds its not like they have bad side effects lol. Anyways gd luck.
  17. Tomorrow I think I am going to wake up and start the day with 20mg of hydrocodone. I'll probably be waking up somewhere between ten and eleven. Then a friend of mine is gonna show up at my house around noonish and smoke me up. I'm just wondering if 20mg is a good dose for me. I'm concerned as to whether it will be enough, because I think I remember hearing that opiate tolerance can increase very easily and I have taken four separate doses of 10mg in the past two days for a total of 40mg in two days. I think I am just overanalyzing this, but I just want to make sure.

    I just checked my medicine cabinet for benadryl and I don't have any. I also only have ten dollars right now (is that enough?) and I am currently not well enough to drive or walk to the nearest pharmacy. I would have to get my friend to do it for me and I have to wait until the morning to see if he would want to do it. If for some reason I can't get any benadryl, would the possible nausea from 20mg be enough to ruin the experience?

    Thank you for all of your replys. I have been feeling much better than expected and I'm hoping to be feeling even better soon.

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