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Geting black diamond kush at 10 oclock. info?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bcustom28k, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. geting this later tonite. i just had some kush he didnt know the name of from the same person, and it was amazingly potent/tasty, i thought it was crossed with sour disel because of the taste but not sure? could this have been black diamond kush? Or am i gettin somethin new
  2. What are you getting charged?
  3. #3 bcustom28k, Feb 23, 2009
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    not sure its usually between 200- 220 probably 220 . i will be getting half oz.

    Love the dale gribble. haha nothin like king of the hill , dale and bill classsics
  4. The chances that you could guess the strain name just by the taste / smell / look of it without knowing the grower are 0%.
  5. ya man alot of these dealers just throw in some crazy names idc wat its called as long as i get to see it before i buy it
  6. #6 bcustom28k, Feb 23, 2009
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    Okay?? thanks for the info on the strain! i know its black diamond kush that is not in question.

    All im asking is what this strain is like.... its coming from a grower
  7. #7 HerbalRemedies, Feb 25, 2009
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    Do I sense sarcasm?

    If you knew what it was than why would you have said this?

    Uhh BS?

    Why wouldn't you be asking the grower yourself then?
  8. Save yourself the trouble and just talk to your guy about it. Nobody on here will be able to tell you 100%.
  9. My connect knows a grower in california. every now and then he'll get something from there. I do NOT know the grower. Maybe you think im BS, but i really don't care , and i already got my black diamond kush and its great.

    Maybe if some people wern't so stuck up about being a "grower" they'd be able to pass on some info.
    I wasnt asking if you thought i was getting it from a real grower, or if it is really black diamond kush. ALL i wanted wass info on the strain. but i dont care anymore because i have it. Thanks for all the contributions very helpful
  10. haha fuck yea bro, king of the hill is the shit. :smoke: You should link some pics bro, I'd would definetly throw some rep your way. :)

    Enjoy the herb GC
  11. Ok so listen, hopefully this thread is still being read until this day, I know you all want to see, the black diamond kush here it is.

    this is the black diamond that i think is super amazing.

  12. looks dank
  13. Looks daaank

    I've had Black Diamond O.G. from the medi bank, needless to say it was amazing:smoking: sold out rly fast so i havnt had it since

    dunno on the legitimacy of that bud's strain but who cares? that stuff looks niiice:wave:

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