Get your free YES WE CANNABIS sticker

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Green Wizard, Jan 26, 2010.

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    It's for the California initative, but of course anybody can get one. Get yours:

    Free stickers from CREDO Action

    Edit: Make sure you use an alias and a e-mail account that you don't mind getting spammed, just in case. You never can be too careful out there on the interwebs.
  2. + rep. i lovr getting free stuff, 'specially weed-related things. thanks man. ^^
  3. Sweet dude! I'm going to put in on my bumper. :)

    +rep for you
  4. 3-7 weeks for delivery of a sticker?!

    Gah... why not just print these things yourself?
  5. True, but its the thought that counts. O.P. thanks bud!! +rep

  6. Yeah, it is. Thanks OP!

    I'm not blaming the OP for the long wait period. Damn stoners are just slow on that other end, haha.
  7. Eh, I will admit I like free stuff, but what I hate more than free stuff is spam.

    Sorry, when an offer is to good to be true I usually read the fine print:

    I support the cause, but I do not want my information sold as an exchange for a sticker. I'll buy a NORML sticker and support them instead.
  8. Good find Bucky. Can't believe that I was too stupid to not read that. Oh well, gmail's filter will block it all out.
  9. CREDO uses your e-mail address and/or site registration information to offer you special benefits and communicate with you in the future. CREDO may also share this information with its vendors and agents in order to provide you with service. CREDO may sell or trade mailing lists containing your name and street address.

    This sucks. But not at all surprising. Actually standard internet business practices, which is why I always try and use an internet alias. You think my real name is the Green Wizard?
  10. I was under the impression that Green Wizard was indeed your real name, Mr. Wizard.
  11. ya or mailin8er, or thisisnotmyrealemail

    they all go to the same site

    but i love spying on peoples emails lol :rolleyes:
  12. HaHa! Foooled you!
  13. might as well tape a written invitation for a narc cop and stick it on your bumper.
    But still, I want one :)
  14. damn is there anyway to cancel it now?
  15. Or you can help put it on your favorite sheriff deputies squad car.:smoking:
  16. hmmm?? interesting. i might just just buy $25 dollars worth of stickers. ive always wanted to see a green sqaud car. not really though sorry, just got a car.
  17. Damn, USA only


  18. Best site ever! Bookmarked for sure.. I won't put this sticker on my car..bc Florida is a nazi state and cops will pull me over. Thanks for the link though, I'll find a place for it :smoking:

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