Get your bud pics printed in a magazine!

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by SuperDoobie, Jan 31, 2001.

  1. Hey guys,
    A friend of mine is starting up a new Marijuana magazine, not online a real one.
    He is looking for great pics of a variety of strains to show in the mag. They have forcasted the initial printing in about 3 months. They will of course be featuring, The Adventures of Super Doobie Comics, ( but they could also feature YOUR BUDS!
    I will E-mail the owner about this Bulletin Board and this topic so he can look at the pics, contact you, or whatever.
    DO NOT send the pics to me, I don't want them.
    Until next time,

    Question Authority!

    Super Doobie
  2. How do you get a hold of the Mag?


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  3. Dude, If you give me some sweet ass pics I'll send you a copy of the Mag.
    Otherwise you'll have to wait 'till we do a deal for the USA as we are only in Australia initially. (Although we have a European distributor lined up already)
    Keep smokin'!

    Justin Peacock

  4. You mean I cant get it send to CANADA even if I pay for the extra price to get it send across seas?

  5. i have some nice bud pics you can use but it will cost you something
  6. you tight bastard lol
    Dont fly 2 high
  7. ok it will just cost you a copy of they mag
  8. This thread is from 2001. Funny.
  9. Hahahahahahahahah^^^^
  10. I wonder if the magazine ever made it to print....

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