get this our house sitter stole my underware!

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by highawatha, Feb 14, 2004.

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  1. i brought this upto my husband several months ago, an he just kin of blew it off.
    well today i went through EVERYTHING all my good panties are gone.the man must have a thing for pink white and latex (latex panties can be alot of fun,...) gone allgone ! , i know what i had and i know what im left with.what im left with are the ones i dont care if i ruin when its uh, \"that time of the month\" there are about 20 pairs of panties \"mia\"
    i know men. and i know what he could have done with them,...but damn.....worst case scenero, he gave them to his wife and she is now wearing MY underware, which is weird all on its own.
    an ya know in the back of my mind i thouht somthing like this might happen..i think thats why lucky hates him.
  2. LMAO......sorry higha i\'ll post a real reply when i can stop laughing, i just have visions of him wearing them over his head/ out........Sid
  3. yeah you KNOW they were on his head LOL!
  4. and the award for most surreal life (date 14/02) goes to... highawatha, with the tale of the stolen underware !!!

    your prize is... a \"LOL\" from moogle \"google\" kexin... LOL
  5. i wondered about his wife cause some had store tags still on them.... my hunnys excuse why his friend would take them was theyd not fit his wife, but i say noooo, they tied on the side.
    i am telling you i know this has happenened for a fact :eek:
    this is way beyound the exclamation BOYS!
  6. hey moogle underware is expensive :) and panties MIA are of a concern to me :)

  7. :(



    MIA, wouldnt that be when they are on you ??? that would scare the hell outa me... walking along then BAM someone stole them without me realising :D

    prize changed from \"LOL\" to \"aw, i am sorry for your traumatic experience, have some general feelgood karma (NO sarcasm/badness intended)\"
  8. What exactly is the point of a house sitter again? I knew this girl who was a house sitter, all she did was throw parties. They would have been much better off leaving the house empty. Sorry \'bout your panties though. Hard times you must struggle to overcome.
  9. your right on the mia,..but that has also happened befor,toootally different situation
    we had ta have a sitter to take care of or animals,
  10. I am sorry highya... They smelled so good after being strapped to your A*S I couldn\'t help myself...

    Now I want to know what you would be doing with a pair of these... Highya you are one kinky chick.. And here you say you don\'t understand why some one would steel your panties!!!!!!!

    I\'m in love................. with...................

    Highya\'s panties.. Since I can\'t have you......... I take the next best thing!!!1
  11. someone should figure out the percentage of Bh\'s posts that are sex related... but 9000+ posts is wwwaaaaaaayyyyyy too much to do so...
  12. My house cleaner either threw away my fish without ever telling me. Or she took it..

    no joke.

  13. 16.88316920% Thats a little more than I would have thought..
  14. im sorry moogle, you LOL at me whenever you like, really im sorry, i ws picturin this guy playing with my underware, in sme sicko fashion, im really really sorry moogle, id like my prize of LOL back ok? :)
    i,i, just cant even imagine... i knew a few were missing but to find its more like 80%missing thats disturbing.

    dont listenn to B h i think about 75%of all those posts are somehow sexually realted :D

  15. LMAO!! :D And Higha, I can\'t stop laughing now so I\'ll be back to this thread later. ;)

  16. That right there is waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy too much information for me...and I\'m a girl!!!! Geez, Higha! :rolleyes:

    That\'s funny as shit though. :D I used to housesit for one of my old bosses. She and her girlfriend stayed on vacation, it seemed. I was housesitting all the time. It was cool. They had 2 kick ass dogs and a saltwater tank that I had to baby. The dogs had to have chicken and rice, freshly cooked, twice a day and then dog food during the day. The tank was what was the pain and all that frozen fish food....ugh! I never stole any of their panties though. I just used the hell outta their tanning bed and lived like a queen the whole time they were gone. They\'d stock the house full of the best foods (great for munchie time) and left all kinds of money for me. Plus their house was amazing. I got to drive their cars too. They were the coolest people ever.

    Maybe if you\'d treat dude like a king, he wouldn\'t eat your panties! I mean, steal them. LOL! I bet he eats them, though.

  17. hehe :D

    i proudly present my LOL back to you, and feel guilty for having so many sorries in one post :) and STOP imagining this guy now, its not healthy

    75% does sond correct indeed

    peace(and non underware related) love

    and rumjil... eating... ew
  18. Mooglegoogle doesn\'t eat underwear? :confused:

  19. mooglegoogle\'s teeth cant get through the material :D especially all that kinky stuff made of indestructable (yet very stealable) material


    and i stay well clear of...

    Originally posted by highawatha
    what im left with are the ones i dont care if i ruin when its uh, \"that time of the month\" .

    ew ew ew ew ew

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