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  1. :smoke: Ok so today im am sitting there at work my boss comes up and says do you want to take your 10 (10 min break) i say sure, so i go to the back room punch my time card and grab some food and sit in the back by the employee bathrooms. Im reading a magazine and eating i look up and out of the corner of my eye i see all these boxes and think nothign of it because they have been there ever since i worked there, i get up to throw my plate away and there is black writing on one of the bottom boxes. neal down for a closer look it says H.P. Sodium i was like WTF! go up to the top row( there was like 6 boxes wide, 8 boxes high) grab one off the top the side says " Fragile Glass" i open it up and what do you a fucking know BOOM a High Pressure Sodium bulb inside one of those huge parking lot light fixtures.... So i have no clue they are all brand spakin new everyone of them im not gonig to take the fixtures because they weigh like 45-50 lbs each. So ill probally just buy a ballast or 2 but wow it was like christmas, made my day. no idea what ill do because my last indoor grow got... yea we wont get into it look at my grow journal if you dont know what happened but yea like 48 HPS bulbs im set just need to like rent an apartment or find a very very nice friend... just thought i would share that. Oh and i work at a grocery store and we have a huge parking lot if you were curious of the light pole fixtures, but i still have never seen any of those boxes move... -Stay High-:smoke:
  2. pass one over here lol...good find :)

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