Get the whole world high.

Discussion in 'General' started by stonedHigh, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Don't you wish we could live in a world where you could trust everyone, where you could confidently meet up with a friend from online, knowing their would be no possible repercussions, or picking up hitch hikers, etc. If only we could get the whole word high...
  2. i've thought the same thing many times... while high ha :)
  3. Lets change oxygen into THC.
  4. ^ when do we start??
  5. Or we could mix thc with oxygen, we need oxygen to live.
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  6. Nah, we can adapt.
  7. Not sure how those two concepts are related

  8. Yeah, now that I think about it you're right. But still, I think getting the whole world high would at least be an improvement, lol.
  9. I don't think anything would get done tbh..

  10. Nonsense. We would just have lots and lots of people making cookies.
  11. leave the infidels for die.
  12. we need to fix the hole in the ozone so we can hotbox this muthafuckin' planet
  13. If we adapt, we don't get high. So what's the point?
  14. Damn, that makes me think... then what would we do? Because you're right, everyone would forget the sober feeling because they'd be stoned all the time and being stoned would become their "normal" state. So maybe that would be a bad idea, cause then no one else could get high.
  15. Sober would be in

    Grasscity would be full of 'how sober are you' threads haha
  16. Weed and trust. Sorry, two things I NEVER put together anymore.
  17. Ok, ok. I already admitted that those two concepts didn't flow. But I'm just saying, the world would be way more peaceful, which is obvious, I just wanna take time to actually acknowledge it. Lol.
  18. Sorry dude, I get were your coming from but I disagree I've noticed people can be just as much ass wholes when their high as they are sober. I've even noticed some people become ass whole when their high when there perfectly fine sober.

    Then again I probably just chill around too many scumbags.

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