Get The Smell Out of Long Hair

Discussion in 'General' started by Shankmasterflex, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. You can febreeze and ozium yourself out of existance anytime you smoke, but my hair always seems to retain the smell of weed real bad.

    So i ask those of you with long hair (i'm a guy but girls are welcome to answer obviously), how do you get the smell out of your hair without showering?
  2. I usually run around everywhere like a maniac.... Then I start sweating untill the sweat totally drenches the smell.

    Or I just rub my friends deodorant over my hair... Not the best, but hey chicks dont like hugging guys with bad smelling hair :D
  3. First thoughts include, ponytail that bitch or put it back. or for a quick fix maybe some hair spray since you have long hair. Or get a convertible and let those locks fly free..
  4. Cut it off?
  5. put a hoodie on, pull the hood onto your head, make sure it's tight. Smoke.

    Finish smoking. Pull hood off. Take hoodie off.

    Clothes also carry the scent of weed/smoke, so now that it's warm out, I usually take my shirt off when I toke, then put it back on afterwards. Ha hell though, I buzzed my beautiful locks off.
  6. What's wrong with showering?

    I had long hair for four years and it never got to the point where my hair smelled, but then again I took showers
  7. I'm a girl and I got hair down to my butt...get a small can of Aussie Mega Hair Spray...just a spritz of that will do it....smells real good and it's flexible hold so it won't build up on your hair and make it stiff...comes in a purple can
  8. my favorite thus far was smokey: get a convertible haha.

    but it's pretty much either shower, or cover it up with another scent...maybe grab some axe or some shit?

  9. this seems legit
  10. well if your a dude w/ long hair then everybody prob already has the idea that you smoke.

    idk. i tie mine back. mainly so i don't burn my hair.
  11. hell no man!!! i love my hair! hahaha
    hippys will be hippys

    im not saying i dont take showers my man haha. im saying not everyone can immediately hop in the shower after toking up, especially if you come back to a house/room/dorm or w/e with someone sleeping in it!

    the hoodie idea sounds tight since i wear hoodies alot. thinking of maybe just designating a hate to smoking and then letting that shit take all the smell. i dont like putting products in my hair cause their kinda gross and leave like a film of whatever in your hair.

  12. lol easier to get hookups then, I'm growing mine out over the summer. Going for the Tom Cruise look :rolleyes:
  13. I never have this problem, but if I did I'd imagine a squirt of hair spray would do.
  14. just put it up when ur smokin'
  15. haha i don't know about the guys you hang with, but i dont even know how to "put it up" haha.
    im ganna get a hat, or maybe a headband so that i can hold it back. the hoodie idea sounds like it might work but after im high i'd probably put it down and forget that my hair is out again.

    it only happens cause eventually someone accidently blows smoke in my direction, or its windy and it blows into my hair, and then that smell is there until i take a shower the next day or that night or w/e.
  16. I usually just spray like 2 sprays of something around my hair, shake it then pull it up in a ponytail. I dont know if this really works but I like to think it helps.
  17. I forget what metal it is that gets rid of smells, stainless steel I think? Get a hairbrush made entirely of stainless steel!!

    I'm a genius dude.
  18. This is a really old thread but I'm gonna
    Comment anyway because I'm having trouble with my hair retaining the smell of weed not the smoke. For some reason my hair will smell two days after smoking and shampoo DOES NOT get rid of it, it actually makes the smell worse as I'm scrubbing it in the shower. The only thing that has helped is putting leave in conditioner in my hair. But why is my hair doing this ? I shower everyday.

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