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Discussion in 'General' started by CLKWRK, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. The women i love doesn't feel the same for me. I understand this and am making steps to get over that fact and still maintain a good relationship with her.
    I haven't gotten my E3 yet due to my battalion not following through on bullshit that should have been taken care of last year. I'm getting my E3 soon, they better watch out.
    I'm going to the gym with a buddy on a reg basis to gte back in some decent shape and prep for this PT test in the next month or so.
    Going to look into getting a car soon and no longer needing rides everywhere. and also possibly getting into school to get some generals out of the way.
    And when the time is right, find someone who sees me for me, and I, them. Someone who clicks with me that has never clicked before.
    Getting these gears in motion is gonna take alot of effort, and alot of heart. Good thing i got a huge pumper in my chest.

  2. Prayin for ya bro. Improve yourself before worrying about finding a mate. It's what i'm doing :)

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  3. Stay single in the military bro. You don't need the extra stress, especially when you're deployed. And go bitch someone out for your rank advancement, you'll get back paid for all the payments you missed

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