Get serious about changing prohibition laws

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by CTWho68, May 23, 2006.

  1. i was thinking about a great way to once and for all end prohibition. Everyone just needs to stop following the law...
    To anyone who disagrees with the current law, you need to be willing to stand up and fight for your rights. Imagine if everyone who firmly beleived in the cause would walk into a police station, and blow smoke in a police officer's face. Mind you that there are around 25 million marijuana users in the U S (someone tell me if this number is inaccurate). Now imagine if this all happened on the same day. How on earth would the government respond to such a crisis?

    the only problem with this plan is that most people would likely wimp out and there would not be enough support to truely make a difference.
    Anyone have any thoughts/modifications/theories about this plan. If enough of you are willing to spread the word then we should honestly set up a national (possibly even global) definance date.

    ps i am not at all telling people to do this as of this thread, for you would probably be alone in your actions and actually have to suffer the consequences.
  2. pass out fliers in nevada/ move there/visit

    donate to;)
  3. Sign up with norml and mpp, donate, go to their events, help organize events, spread the word abotu events, contact senators, vote, contact house legislation, keep on fighting the man.
  4. I know that hungarian activists are doing that. (I either read it in HT or CC). Perhaps we could arrange a day where everybody could turn themselves in?

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