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get seeds

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by GorillaBlack, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. How can I get some old skool seeds without going through loops with gay ass europeans or canadians. California where you at, hippy, wannabe gangsters need not to reply.
  2. "Gay ass Europeans"? Hm, Dr. Chronic is by far one of the best seedbanks around, and he's European. Oh yeah, Grasscity is run by a guy from Europe. I can't believe you'd expect help when you just openly insult others. Wow.
  3. So you want seeds from the trailer park.....well I dont think Meth labs grows seeds....good luck
  4. ya if you want seeds man your gonna have to go thru gay ass canadians and europeans as theyre the only ones that sell to the states, if at all.

    if you want some "old skool seeds" i suggest getting a bag of "old skool" and take the seeds out :hello: and there you go
  5. Whats wrong with canadians
  6. :devious: thats a stupid question canadians and europeans have the shit! and for u wannabe what ever thats a dumb comment and yoou should be banned!
  7. ^^^ i agree

    man you come to a forum about cannabis and you dont want a hippy or "wannabe" gangster to post..... good luck getting an answer

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