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Get rid of smell from cleaning pipe?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Lelouch Vi Britannia, Mar 5, 2016.

  1. Hi, I just recently cleaned the residue out of my pipe with a bag and nail polish remover with salt, but I am unsure of how strong the scent will be when I release it, and of where to dispose of the residue liquid for the least scent. You see, I currently live with my parents as I commute to college, which is why I must mask the smell. Would I be better off with dumping it down the sink or flushing it? and how would i best go about removing the smell?
  2. you should clean your bong with salt and alcohol next time shake it around all that shit should come off clean and your piece will look good as new compadre just flush it if you throw it down the sink you should put soap right after and let the water run for a minute if not your bathroom is going to smell like Straight shit homie and we don't need moma and pops finding out so do it right mate
  3. I made the mistake of cleaning it in my bathroom as well (almost exact same situation as you too). And I poured it down the sink and the sink stained brown from the tar, literally moments after pouring it. Had to use a magic eraser to get it off. The smell wasn't too bad actually. Some Febreeze or Ozium should clean the smell quickly. Leave a vent on if you have one of those too
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  4. Acetone tends to stink because it is derived from vinegar. Negate the weak acid with a strong base like baking powder/soda, rinse and repeat with isopropyl alcohol and salt for final wash. Always pour your resin water down your toilet where shit goes, for future advice.
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  5. Flush it for sure, i recommend iso+ salt in plastic sandwich bag then shake around. Rinse thoroughly with the hottest water you could stand

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  6. Use 91% alcohol, put it in a zip lock back, pour the alcohol in, and shake the shitn out of it. Let it sit depending on how dirty the bowl is, then be a smart person and take it OUTSIDE and dump it out. use q tips to scrub the remaining shit out, then get some efferdent tabs and soak your bowl in something with them to completely make the bowl taste new, with no leftover taste

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