Get rid of chromuim crusher for spacecase or sharpshooter

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  1. I got a clear top 4 piece chromium crusher it works good just want a better grinder since everything doesn't grind as fast sometimes nuggests get suck and left ungrinded or just the herbs don't fall into the holes or just take a good minute to grind up
    I was thinking about buying a spacecase 4 piece grinder to replace this one
  2. Bought a space case titanium 4 piece. You wont ever find a better grinder its amazing and on top of that it collects a shit load of kief
  3. Bought my buddy a two piece small sized Space Case Titanium (titanium coated). It's a real real solid piece and is very nicely made. Super smooth all around in terms of machining, very smooth and nicely gliding grind, and the nice thing about the two piece is that it's smaller and you can better control the type of grind you are getting with it, as opposed to a four piece. It only ran me about 26 on Amazon and I am positive that it is genuine. He loves the thing and although it doesn't get much use, when it does, it gets the job done very well. Best of luck on your search for a better grinder. Let me know if you have any questions.
  4. Cosmic, trust .
  5. i bought a £10 aluminium grinder of amazon and it does exactly what its supposed to do. Grinds into a real nice consistency for spliffs which is what i smoke, real sturdy, kief catcher works perfectly, its pretty big, 5cm diameter and it wasn't fucking expensive. Do your shopping with everything, including grinders, dont drop £50 on a grinder that does exactly the same thing as one for 1/5th of the price.
  6. Worth it you'll never throw that spacecase away, stick with titanium or stainless steel. Avoid aluminum because you don't want to be smoking those shavings.
  7. a dried herb does not provide enough resistance to shave a piece of aluminium. Also, nothing would happen if a bit of aluminium fell onto the screen, you didnt see it and made its way into your bowl/joint, lighter flames get nowhere near hot enough to burn it
  8. While there is little to debate with what you have stated here (it's true, herb is weaker than aluminum), I believe the "shavings" that people seem to be referring to stem from the use of threaded parts being screwed and unscrewed constantly (such as when using a 3 or 4-piece grinder).

    Although I personally remain skeptical, there seems to be some proof out there (check other threads for this) of shavings coming from the threaded areas and falling into the grinder.

    It sure would be nice to clear up this confusion either way, for both the end users and manufacturers, for IF the suspicions are true with the threaded parts, then perhaps it's best to re-think how parts are held together (magnets perhaps instead of threads).

    Either way, logic would state that using a 2-piece grinder would minimize or eliminate this risk(no threaded parts on a 2-piece), with the obvious downside of losing the kief catcher.
  9. well i've had my grinder for about a year now and the threads are 100% intact, minus a few bits of greenery embedded in them, and they look just like when i got it integrity wise.

    I would assume if somebody had a grinder that the threads did shave off, that is due to poor manufactory and/or poor handling, throwing it around etc.
  10. ^search the forums, there's loads of info about it, including a little test you can do to check if your grinder has any shavings (if your to lazy to search, I believe it involved running your finger along the inside of your threads, and if it came out coated in black stuff, that's proof of dangerous metal shards). The threads can look perfectly intact, and function properly while still releasing microscopic shards of aluminum into your bud.
  11. I own a Mendo Mulcher, Chromium Crusher, and three Space Case grinders, all but one of which are nice 4-piece grinders. Believe me I'm as skeptical as you are with this claim of shavings, but I am merely passing on what I've read and learned about here in other threads.

    To an extent, it does make sense. ANY metal-to-metal contact will likely wear away over time. Anyone with a "titanium" grinder (actually titanium coated/treated) might notice the discoloration of the threaded areas over time. I simply haven't found any data to prove a negative medical effect conclusively, which is likely why grinder designs or metals used haven't changed that much (or hardly at all) over the years.
  12. Spacecase makes Cosmic. Spacecase is the best though. Mendos and Spacecases are the two best grinders available.
  13. im happy with my 5pc "smart" crusher, which is pretty much a chromium crusher, for 25$ off amazon.
  14. i tried this, all i got was a little bit of kief on my finger.
    The thread does not come into contact with the bud at all, it is on the outside, bud on the inside so i cant get in there, and i really couldnt give a fuck about microscopic shards of aluminium, they dont go into my body, and the heat from a lighter will not cause it to release any dangerous gases/toxins

  15. Great, then your grinder should be totally safe to use :)

    That's up to debate, I could imagine some shards getting vibrated/shook down off the threads into the herbs as the top is removed, but I have no way to prove this, just a possibility...

    Again this is very much up for debate, and where water filtration is involved you may well be correct, however if the shards do indeed find their way into the herb, which was then smoked through a pipe or joint its not hard to see how some of them may make it into ones body.

    Of course that's all speculation and its your decision to make, but I personally will no longer use aluminum grinders. All this is moot, however, since your grinder seems to be free of these particles anyway :hello:

    Mind telling me what material its made out of, for curiosities sake?
  16. it said on amazon it was made from "aircraft grade aluminium", but i think its probably just regular aluminium
  17. Get a sharpstone, make sure its authentic by getting it from a reputable seller, and you'll be fine.

    Just get a regular all metal 4 piece, no crank handle or clear top. Thing will last you easily 5 years for $30.
  18. Which brand is the titanium one? -or the stainless steel one? All I can find are plastic and aluminum.
  19. I bought some 30ish dollar 4-part grinder about 6 years ago...still works like the first day i bought it. Spending a lot of money just isn't worth it for a grinder in my opinion.

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