Get rid of ALL SMELL for CLOSET GROW!!

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  1. Since I haven't actually seen a setup I don't know how the smell is so it's hard for me to say what it would take to get rid of all smell....

    so my question is:

    If I don't use attic exhaust in my closet, will I be able to get rid of all smell? What's most effective? To carbon scrub air coming out of closet (using exhaust in door) or build an air tight box INSIDE my closet and carbon scrub exhaust coming from the box? Either way I would also use an ona setup in the closet or room. Will this get rid of all smells??

    Also, if I do this way, how long does the carbon/ona last? Will it last for an entire grow? 2 grows? 1 year??
  2. You understand building an air-tight room will kill your plants?

    There isn't much you can do if you can't install a carbon filter fan. You could always get a big jar and fill it up with oranges, melons, and lemons. This will create a heavy citrusy smell, and as the fruit gets older the smell increases. Just throw the jar in your closet, should be fine.
  3. get ona gel for the smell if you dont/cant get a carbon filter for a exhaust fan. works dont need any fruit in a jar. that would probably just encourage mold thats a no no.
  4. so ona would completly get rid of smell in my room? I don't even need exhaust fan?
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    your gonna need an exhaust fan to blow your hot air out of your room so more cool air (from your intake) can be in the room, controlling your temps. w/o this you are asking for temp problems, especially in a closet (i also use my closet(s) as grow spaces). i was using my 400W with no fans just to see what the temp would be like..96 F - bottom line is you need an intake/exhaust. you can just set a container of ona gel in the room you are growing next to, in the closet, in the room you are exhausting to (if necessary),etc. until the smell is non-existant. i use 2 ona gel's, one in the room next to the closet and one in the hallway next to my exhaust. takes care of all smells for about 30 days or so. its like $6 for a 6oz can at my local hydro store. you can also make your own carbon filter, and there is a couple threads around here that show this. good luck
  6. Thanks for the response man! I have to clarify...when i said "no exhaust", what i meant was nothing going to my attic. In other words, i have a closet with no holes other than my door and i want to put a box INSIDE my closet with a fan that blows air from outside the box, and then ANOTHER fan that blows exhaust air from inside the box into my closet. I'm still not quite sure if I really need a carbon scrubber???? I Want to make sure there is no smell, so if need be i will build one, but if ona will work, then thats the easiest.

    Here's the ONA setup i was looking at doing in my closet and possibly in my room as well:

    One other question - if I don't release the exhaust from my box into the attic, how exactly does the plant smell get "cleaned/masked"? If i'm using carbon / ona on the exhaust I can see it getting cleaned. But with no where for the air to go other than my closet/room, is ONA enough to completely get rid of smell?
  7. if you have your closet door shut then your not going to get enough cool,fresh air into your closet space (since the closet air is the air you are intaking and exhausting to). after a few hours you will get a build up of heat, as well as a lack of fresh air (co2) to the plants. this is how i use my ona: i put the ona right next to my exhaust fan in the hallway, so all of the plants odors are destroyed by the ona once the air crosses the can. the one in the room where the closet is i have a fan blowing on an ona can destroying all the odors in the room from the closet (closet door is usually always open). ona doesnt mask odors, it neutralizes them- just like a carbon does.
  8. ok that takes care of my smell question then. it sounds like i dont even need carbon if i have ona running constantly. that will completely wipe out the smell. why is alot of people here using carbon if they can just use something like ONA which is easier and cheaper???

    now i need to figure out how to keep temp down for my closet...would it be enough to just open my closet door periodically throughout the day or crack it some? that shouldn't be an issue - i just will need to close it if someone comes in my room.

    how quickly will the temp rise up if i have the door closed? perhaps i could figure out a way to keep it cool, like with dry ice or seomthing...for times when the closet door is closed.
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    1. bc in the long run carbon filters are more effective and cheaper. also most people use inlane fans that are made to run with carbon filters. each 6oz of ona lasts 20-30 days, maybe a little more. assuming you are using an HID system (hps,mh), and it depends on how big of one you have. a 400W like mine in a 3x3 area can make the temp sky rocket. if you have enough fan power to supply cool air in, like i found out, then you can easily manage temps. i suggest doing a couple dry runs and see what temps are like w/closet door shut all the time,some of time, etc.

    3.i dont think dry ice is a very impractical idea for keeping it cool, shit is expensive if you ask me. if you find temps are too high even with door open then get a gallon milk jug full of ice, cover ice with just enough cold water as they are covered, put inbetween your intake fan and the plants/box. should cool things down for a quick, and free fix.- ive only did this once when our thermostat broke and caused our house to become a sauna ha - but it did work temporarily.
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    How long does the carbon last? I mean that stuffs expensive to right?

    I'm designing my grow box now. Here's about what i've come up with:

    grow box inside closet:
    \t-dimentions - 5-6'h x 3-4w x 3-4d
    \t-mylar, got 50'
    \t-home depot light, cheap insulating foam (not sure if this is a good idea with the heat from the lamp???)
    \t-sealant for the cracks/edges
    \t-something to keep the edges together
    \t-possibly pvc as a frame?? or just foam as the frame/sides
    \t-need 2 fans for in/out air ventilation in box
    \t-need 1-2 fans inside box for flight air flow on plants

    one thing i'm worried about is if the foam insulating stuff i found will be good or bad? because it's insulating it might trap in the heat from the lamp? or will proper ventilation take care of that?

    One other fan question. i plan on hooking up dryer hose for my in/out on my box. how do you connect your fans to this? do you just duct tape them to the hose or make sure you get one that fits? or do you even attach the hose to the fans??
  11. are intake and exhaust the same thing? or do u need both?
  12. You need an intake (to bring in fresh air) and you need an exhaust (to get rid of hot air) but you don't need a fan for both. An intake can be as simple as a hole. With a good fan on the exhaust, the suction will pull the new air in while dumping the old.
  13. thanks a bunch, also the intake is hooked up to the carbon filter rite? i was just curious if the air is goin through the carbon filter, does that mean its gettin rid of some of the smell 2? or do u have to have it go through a window etc.
  14. I'm researching ona gel and carbon filters as well atm. Would it be good enough for a small bathroom? Don't think I have air flow issues in the bathroom either do I?
  15. Get a carbon filter...period.... anything else isn't getting rid of the smell, its just masking/covering it up. The correct size filter and fan will remove all traces....

    My exhaust is located within 3 to 4 ft from several thousand people a day.... and no smell.
  16. One gallon paint and a pack of air-renu additive paint the closet all odor will be gone, one application keeps on working, no reapplication required. :)
  17. Will two fans be more efficient, such as one intake fan blowing air in the box from the outside and on the opposite end one for exhaust sucking in air from the inside of the box and blowing it out?? Also do you think it will kill a lot of the smell if put a ryer sheet on the outside of the exhaust fan? Will putting one on the outside of the intake fsn do something wrong with chemical in our olant or something unexpected like that? Thanks

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