Get Rich or Die Trying

Discussion in 'Movies' started by DirtyPete, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. I just saw this tonight for the first time and I wanted to vomit the whole entire time.

    I cannot believe I sat through the whole thing, it was fucking painful, like someone took a razor blade to my brain.

    The only good part of the movie was when 50 got shot, that made me smile but I would have been much happier if he had died.

    I knew it was going to be bad but I didn't think 50 would put something out that is so embarrassingly horrible, I mean he really makes himself look like a chump and a half.

    I just wanted to let you guys know how much I loathe this movie now, it has officially been added to my top 10 worst movies of all time.

    Fuck 50 cent and his millions and millions of undeserved dollars.
  2. Haha someones Jealous!!!
    but why do they still call him 50 cent?
    Boo-boo the Fool is more like it haha Hes alright
  3. any rapper produced gang movie is a piece of shit.

    belly, paid in full, etc.

    new jack city was ok at best.

    i hate this genre of movies with a passion.

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