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Get Ready to Shit Your Pants (Room and Dank Crystals Suckas!) MI STAND UP!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Smokey Jim, May 5, 2011.

  1. Sup fellas, here our room and our delicious Meds with multiple strands Here is the first one, many more to come. Let me know what ya think!


    "Arachnid": Indica domminant, stinks like a skunks ass hole.
  2. Some More About to be in my Stash Jar

    "Critical Jack"
  3. nice, where is this in your house/apt? i'm tryin to decide where to make my op
  4. its almost unreal you know? that shit looks so fucking good dude..
    this is one of those times in the future...
    "i remember way back in 011, this one time i saw some DANK fucking weed."
  5. hahah. i didn't shit my pants. but very close.
  6. Haha thanks mane, thats definitely what we're going for. Ill get some more up when i get that chance for sure
  7. my pants have been shat in.
  8. Bricks have been shat.
  9. OP you owe me a new pair of pants
  10. Mikado looks sublime
  11. sickkkkkkkk..didnt poo my draws but i probably would have if i didnt just take a nice dump a few minutes ago.
  12. just sharted.
  13. hahaha thanks everyone, gonna have some more up by this afternoon
  14. I didn't shit my pants,...
    but I drool.
  15. Maybe I'd shit my pants if the pictures weren't so shitty.
  16. Nice try, OP.... but I was (thank God) already on the throne!

    ...close one.
  17. giggity :)
  18. Wow! Well done, dude!
  19. amazing grow...medical grow or private?

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