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Get ready to party!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Golem-146, Aug 24, 2003.

  1. Ok guys this my 4:20th post. First I'd just like to thank Ganja Mommy, THC101, Gravy, Budhead, Digit, Bongish, Obliv, and all the other bad asses that helped me get here. I feel proudly to say, party down guys, party down guys.

    Everyone here party down now!!!!!!!

    :: puts cool glasses on ::

    I am smoking a bowl for this one! No wait two would be better!!!
  2. 420 congrads thread!!!!!!!!!

    May you enjoy a feww more!!!
  3. congrats on the 420, if i hadn't smoked my last bowl yesterday i would be toking it now in celebration
  4. :mad::mad: I ALREADY MADE A THREAD FOR YOU LAST NIGHT!!!!!!! bah, well happy 420, and many more!
  6. woooord..... goood job man.... a mild accomplishment that lands the best number...... hope ya got many more to come...

    as for me.... i've slackin on my sluttin round the city girls here... so less posting more sexin an chillen.... idk, im happy as hell and hoping things stay this way forever... oh well... you live life an hope things go on... just like your post count number.... next up 1,000 good luck man...
  7. jesus you sound fucked up gravy

  8. maybe just a touch in the head.... but thats about it....
  9. hay mom, where do you get all those smilies?
  10. jesus she gets them from majik land where majik stuff is sold
  11. well im ten posts late, but congratulations anyways!!

    ill take some big hoots outta my big bong in like an hour for ya!
  12. isn't that lil red ninja guy gettin tired by now? damn golem tell em to take a break.. give him some water or somethin

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