Get ready to ban more things. A new dangerous combination…

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  1. Get ready to ban more things. A new dangerous combination…
    DrugWarRant / Pete Guither / 11,30,2011

    OK, now that we've decided that banning everything is the way to go, rather than regulating products or educating people, what's dangerous combinations will we be going after next?
    Oh no!!! It's alcohol and… dessert topping. My God, they'll get drunk and fat at the same time. We must ban this immediately!!!!
    Though the packaging resembles a standard canister of Reddi-wip, these creamy toppings pack between 15-18% alcohol by volume, making one container as powerful as three or four beers. While that's a lot of whipped cream to consume in one sitting, Dr. Anita Barry, director at the Boston Public Health Department told the Boston Herald there is still concern about the potency of the products. “They can get a significant amount of alcohol in one shot,” she said, adding that there questions about whether the packaging sufficiently revealed the products' high alcohol content.
    What about the children????
    …public health officials have also expressed concerns that the sweet flavor and familiar packaging will make the products appealing and dangerous to children.
    Certainly this is a non-issue, right? I mean, it's not like the dangers of alcohol and caffeine. They wouldn't actually ban it. I'm just crying wolf, right?
    Apart from the delisting in Michigan, as of now no other states have banned the products, but a source indicated to the Herald that the Massachusetts Alcohol Beverages Control Commission is closely monitoring the whipped toppings.
    Next up: rum cake
  2. What about flavored vodka and wine coolers? Kids love stuff like that, hell might as well package it with some candy and crayons
  3. It is a never ending process,once the prohibitionist get their teeth in to the bait,they are as hooked as a heroin addict and our legislators have the learning curve of the horizon.
  4. I hate this. How can they ban such things? They banned Four Loko, but I can just go mix rum and coke and that would be mixing caffeine and alcohol. Is that illegal? No, the government just decided to shit on Four Loko's business is all. And now whipped cream is receiving the same attention? They aren't going to ban mixing whip cream and alcohol, they are just going to ban this certain product like assholes again.

    Bleh, it's stupid.
  5. Its a knee jerk, blanket reaction to a social issue.....

    Parents were mad that their kids were getting a hold of "Blackout in a can" as it was being called by the media, and subsequently legislators took advantage of this upset and made a ban happen.

    This makes it easier for the parents to get away with not actualy parenting ....
  6. Not a fan of prohibition of anything as policy, but I did have some friends who are definitely better off without that stuff. :smoking: But for all I know they will just chug red bull and some brews and end up with the same result.
  7. I have this craving now for rum cake topped with whipped cream/alcohol and chased with four loco,,,,followed closely with a fattie.
  8. So, speaking of, in about 30 days alcoholic energy drinks will be pulled from the shelves where I live. Now, that's kind of understandable... I mean personally i think the stimulant + depressant = stopped heart thing works pretty well to keep be away from them...

    BUT, they're pushing to ban fake pot too, I read today.

    They said they were working on banning 5 of the chemicals, and they had an interview with "the creator of the chemicals" and he flat out stated they were toxic and anyone who smoked it was stupid.


    Well, if anyone knows anything about stuff like Spice and K2, you know it's a single chemical compound called JWH-018, and while I myself an skeptical of it's total safeness, this seems like a bunch of propaganda bullshit.

    I've thought about this, and HOW could they even THINK of banning these incense brands?

    1.) The brands pop up and dissapear randomly
    2.) How you gonna test for it?
    3.)Do you plan on testing ALL THE INCENSE IN THE UNITED STATES?

    Possible, i guess, but unlikely, as whatever testing process they think they can come up with probably would run into a lot of money on such a large scale.

    So who knows... Maybe banning all incense in the solution :cool:
  9. Drug prohibition is a racket.
  10. As is everything else in this country ...

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