(: Get ready for life on Mars, (update)

Discussion in 'General' started by Prism Tino, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. It's possible, but I'll believe it when I see full proof:p
  2. Im biting my nails and waiting for that day.

    Imagine if we meet an intelligent, kind species. Will be the most central occurance in the history of our planet.
  3. Most definitely..I know there is life on other planets. Outer space is just too huge for there not to be.
  4. Knowing the U.S. trying to start war on all other countries, chances are they'll just nuke Mars if they find life on there as they could possibly be a "threat"
  5. Because we're the boss.

  6. That was a completely irrational statement o_O
  7. it's almost a guarantee that other places in our solar system, like europa, can support life

    we're just waiting on them to find it and name it :D

  8. While I agree with you that we are a destructive race,
    we aren't that stupid.
  9. You know that extraterrestrial life could just mean bacteria found on the rocks.

  10. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sDkhzHQO7jY]George Carlin - We Like War - YouTube[/ame]
  11. A little sarcastic but there is some truth to that.

    Just go hit up Wikipedia on how many wars the U.S. has had some part in since 1776.
  12. Stupid, but not that stupid

    As an exmple, this entire War on Drugs was almost entirely started by U.S., and now theres a shitload of other countries that followed suit.

    Look where that got us.

    No idea yet why we invaded Iraq? Even after they established Bin Ladin was in Afghan, why'd we go into Iraq?

    Weapons my ass, I guess Iran and Pakistan are next, and N. Korea is somewhere on that list as well.

  13. So?

    If we could find even rudimentary forms of life in our own solar system it would suggest the universe is packed to the friggen rafters.
  14. How could there not be life some where else? Some diagram said earth is like a grain of sand on a football field compared to the universe.
  15. I saw on a netflix documentary that scientist only know of about 300 stars that have orbiting planets.

    I was surprised, yo. I thought every star had orbiting planets

  16. That's because it's super hard to detect planets from so far away. Some stars even pulsate making it virtually impossible to detect a planet with the current methods.

    Right now Keppler has like 2,000+ potential candidates that they think will turn out to be planets.

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