Get my parents of my back

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Erikaka, Apr 29, 2002.

  1. Parents are a pain. How do I get them to get off of my back? They want to "talk" about everything. What do I say!

  2. Give a litle more detail about what threy are on your back about. Parents have to be involved in their childs lives.
  3. How old are you? A lotta times parents will stop being pricks when you turn 18.
  4. You should feel lucky. Sometimes I believe my parents honestly dont care about me.
  5. ur lucky ur parents didnt care! before i went to college, my parents were all over me! they searched my room, my car my back pack everything! Thats why highschool sucked!! i had to work my way around them only gettin hig at school and at friends houses
  6. well one night me and my mom got into an agument and i just stright up told her i toked and she really don't care anymore she used to search my room and shit but after i told her i felt so relived after that she walked in on me rollin' a joint the other day and she said what are you doing and i said nothing and she was like ok, what you want for dinner, i was like damn shes kool now.

    PEACE OUT!!!
  7. I remember when I grew up and there was absolutely noone on my back...
    I fucked up a million times untill I got what most responsible adults already know through my thick skull.
    Then I stopped fuckin' around. Made decisions I could only gain from...and went off to college.

    I think a good parent needs to be on your back sometimes-not to smother you but to slow you down as you move forward through life. It alows one to take the time to stand back and think about the choices we make-they all have repercussions ya' know.

    but then again I'd really like to know more details if I was to feel confident about my advice.

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