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Get my older brother to sesh with me?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by FreedomIsSmoked, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. For the longest time I've been wanting to spark up with my older bro. We've been tight ever since I was born, and we've been chilling like best friends ever since. :)

    Although we're chill, we're two completely different people. He's the responsible type, and our parents call him "the good example". But he's not one to have fun or experience new things, unlike me - someone who likes to "live in the Now".

    I've asked him a few times before, and he says NO. He even tries to avoid talking about cannabis, because for some reason he thinks its wrong. But he really enjoys getting hammered! :devious:

    He said he tried the herb before when he was drinking and said he didn't like it. But he was piss drunk, only took a hit, and probably didn't inhale.

    LONG STORY SHORT: how can I approach him to get him involved in a sesh with me? I truely believe that it will be a fun experience, as we rarely do things together anymore.
  2. Fall on your knees and start crying and begging him, that should work.
  3. If he doesnt like it just leave it alone and give it time dont try and be all pushy with it because youll just end up pissing your bro off. What I would do is do something with him when your parents are not home like play videogames and just be like "Bro today we get high and im not taking no for an answer" bust out with some dank and a bong and you should be able to turn him into a believer. I know how it is because I was much like your older bro only im the little bro to my older bro and I was really anti pot (I was brainwashed at a young age) I got high with my cousins and my bro and havent looked back since.
  4. It's much harder to convince someone but when it's there it's fucking easy.

    Just do what the guy above me said whip that shit out on a chill ass day
  5. Make pot brownies
    Give him one, don't say anything about pot
    When he's done eating shout "YOU'RE IN FOR A RIDE BABY"
    Get punched in the face
  6. Just be smoking a blunt and hand it to him and be like "hit this shit fam" and it'll work
  7. as previous poster said, make some hash brownies, give him one and wait. He will enjoy himself so so much and then you can say you still dont like pot? he will be like ??? and u can see u just got high for the first time, how was it bro?
  8. Well your brother sounds like a smart guy, so try to explain to him how alcohol is much worse for your body than a little mary jane
  9. Haha, I thought about sneaking him some brownies. He loves chocolate, so he would munch that up and enjoy :)

    I think I'm gonna do this!

  10. Don't make them too strong! you could end up making him hate it even more.
  11. I'm not hating on Mj at all, but I don't get this.... Telling someone something else is worse than one thing doesn't make all that much sense.

    *here man stab yourself with this pointy knife, it's a lot less painful than jumping off a building.... what?*

    weed isn't 100% harmless, but using other things to compare just doesn't make sense.

    INSTEAD, why not tell your "smart brother" what weed is good for?:smoke::smoke:
    ^you can start here:
  12. Perform oral
  13. This is funny cuz I'm an older brother and I'm the responsible one too, except I smoke mad trees, I think weed makes you more responsible not like alcohol that makes you do dumb shit, your brother would definitely like it
  14. I don't know if forcing him or having him ingest THC without knowing is a good idea at all...

    I would just sit him down and have him watch the Union and then ask him to smoke afterwards. I find that the Union completely dispells any prejudgements or negative connotations someone who has never smoked still has.
  15. look at this like a blessing, if he refuses to smoke its just more for me haha, and you don't have to worry about him trying to find/steal your stash or anything like that, having a stoner relative isn't always as cool as it sounds...
  16. Pressure him to hit it. Maybe show him some stuff online so he will know its not that harmful. Tell him its more fun then being drunk without the hangover or acting like a dickhead part.

    But if you tell him all that and he still isn't down then he just isn't a smoker
  17. Go toke a bit in his room when he comes in he asks you why it smells like bud then you hand him the bong and be like "thats why." And if he wants to he will, nothing to really force onto him tho.

  18. What do you mean? It makes perfect sense. It not like telling someone to stab themselves or to jump off a building.

    Its like saying hey do you wanna go to this party and have fun...but you might die. Your liver will probably be fucked up in a few years. You will feel like shit the day after. And you will make a jack ass of yourself.

    OR do you wanna go to this other party. Where you will be having fun. But you won't die. You will be too lazy to make a jack ass of yourself. And the worst thats gonna happen is your gonna start wheezing ten years from now.
  19. I wish I could smoke with my older bro, but he's a bit of a do-good chump. Oh well

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