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Get motivated?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by thebigd^, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. Anyone else here when they smoke get extremely motivated? Like its forces you to just do shit you?
  2. Depends on the strain.
  3. it depends on my mood and what im smoking, but sometimes yes.
  4. Usually depends on my mood and the strain. Try smoking the shit im puffin on right now, shit will put u to sleep every time. If im smoking alone then no.
  5. dude ^^ im the opposite of you highasamuhfucka

    When I smoke with friends I kinda just chill and go with the flow, when I get baked alone I get SUPER motivated. Anything that's on my mind I'll end up going for.

    It's kinda like, whatever puts your mind at ease for the moment I end up doing. Lots of times it involves creating stuff in photoshop, working out, making hemp bracelets, learning new tricks... anything man, give me a task and I'll get baked and do it haha!
  6. I had been puting off workin on my car for over a month, so it just sat in the driveway.
    I smoked a few bowls at home one day, went outside and got half the shit i said i could never do, done.
  7. yeah i dont get motivated really at all, just keepgetting stoned and motavated when something seems cool to do i guess , but on average i get lazy haha
  8. i always like to do stuff while im stoned
  9. motivated? weed?
  10. when i chief alone i get motivated
  11. i love getting high and working on my car. everything seems a little easier... sometimes i have extra parts though...:confused_2:
  12. I get a strong motivation to play video games and order pizza. I guess once in a while I'll get an urge to go biking or hiking or something.
  13. funny story: I bought a 8th of purp. I would start to get motivated to do something and next thing I know: I'm waking up after a nap. happend twice.
  14. not one bit
  15. depends really i love doing shit when im high
    but also its good when your stoned watching tv and make your girlfriend get you some drank cause your too lazy to get up
  16. its all about what time of the day it is for me.

    in the mornings i can smoke and ill just bustle around for hours ,
    but at night i just wanna lounge around

    hell, i finished a canvas for my roommate in less than three hours total work.

    that was from my "morning burst"

    but ive been meaning to go hit up some spots and i keep just going to bed cuz im too sleepy to get off the couch and go paint at night
  17. everything i do calls for a little "mota-vation"
  18. sometimes ill wake n bake and realize i have a lot of shit to get done that i have forgotten about and put aside. its kind of an anxiety induced reaction and mainly happens with sativas. give me an indica and im glued to the cleaning for me
  19. last night after i smoked i kinda got motivated to take my classes more serious.. its almost midpoint for summer quarter and i've been barely keeping up, since today starts the first day of the month, im gunna attempt to only smoke at night and get all my work done and do my best. i'll try at least, i havent blazed yet today so i guess im off to a good start.
  20. It depends what it is I smoke.
    Indi makes me more active
    Sat- throws me on my ass

    Most the stuff I come by is just a couch burn.
    Sometimes I get some energy bud though.

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