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get molested or listed as a terrorist. CHOOSE WISELY!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Grizmoblust, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. Miss USA got molested by TSA.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LmADZpqhKhQ]YouTube - Miss USA Susie Castillo Sexually Assaulted TSA Style[/ame]
  2. wow she isn't mentally handicapped
  3. You know what the difference is between her and the mother of the kid who got groped and said something like "They're gonna drug test my daughter", she didn't have to make a cock-and-bull story just to get her point across.

    I was more inclined to listen/watch this video because she tried to maintain honesty, benevolence and neutrality and I will smoke to that. :bongin:
  4. Can't I get molested AND radiated...seems more fun.
  5. People are way too sensitive about their body. We were born naked. We are NATURALLY supposed to be naked. Your wearing clothes, it's not ACTUALLY your vagina that's being touched. We are all so sensitive about our own bodies that we freak out over little shit like someone touching your body in places we call "Special". I don't condone the pat-downs, but to compare the act of a pat-down to someone molesting you, well, go get molested and see if there really is a comparison..

  6. But they touched her Vajayjay!

    That's a naughty place.
  7. i hope she doesn't react like this every time her vagina gets touched.. that would be a bummer for her and whatever man is in her life.
  8. Giggidy..
  9. It must be proven every day, over and over, that we do not profile - therefore people like her, you, and I must be subjected to suspicion and pat downs at airports.
  10. What happened to innocent before proven guilty? :eek: Unless wanting to fly presupposes that you are more likely to be a terrorist.

    Let's run some numbers on that. 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 people fly everyday, and how many people have hijacked planes and done serious damage with them before? Like 20 tops?

    Come on. It's fucking bullshit. :mad:

  11. you mean until...? :D
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    So, the back-scatter x-ray is "unhealthy and dangerous" but the dose of radiation she's going to receive over the duration of her flight (many times higher than that received while being scanned) is okay? Fuck, some people are dumb.

    Edit: I don't intend that to mean that I'm taking one side or the other in the debate over the use of back-scatter x-ray machines, I just think that, of all the stances one could possibly take over the issue, radiation is one of the weakest (though, with "radiation" being the hip, new media buzz-word, it's hardly surprising).
  13. I agree to you in certain circumstance but just letting you know that the body scanners does produce more radiation than the x-ray at the hospital. So I rather get a pad down so I could yell in their face, "touch my cock, you faggots!"

    Remember the rule, if you touch, you're gay.

    TSA are full of homosexuals.
  14. So does sitting in front of a computer for extended periods but that doesn't seem to be stopping anybody. The amount is so far below the dosages that would be required to cause and any serious physical harm that it is hardly worth debating.
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    I think blades are too scared to be labelled as 'liberals' because they know there isn't much they can do about what's upsetting them besides make pointless and repetitive remarks about what grinds their gears, so instead of trying to make a neutral point they hop on the "Shutdown Ebil Gubment" bandwagon to save their dignity.

    It's kind of sad, imo.
  16. Just stopping in to say - FUCK THE TSA!

  17. Of course it's BS, I was pointing out the stupidity of it - if we profiled, flying would be safer without the current pat downs and other inconveniences that passengers currently experience at at the airports.
  18. You know I said this in another thread...can't remember which one but, please explain to me how racial profiling would be efficient....no no even better, tell me how racial profiiling in America would work out...really indulge me
  19. There are different types of profiling, one of which is positive profiling - for instance, people who fly frequently on the same trip for business, etc., would be eligable to bypass the screening process. If Americans insist that everybody must be treated as a potential terrorist, then we're all going to have to put up with the same hassles at the airports, even though there are better ways, as this article below points out.

    The Case for Profiling Air Travelers - Hit & Run : Reason Magazine

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