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Get higher off mids?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BlazinHigh03, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. Is there any way to get higher off lower quality bud? For example, I've found I get higher when I take bigger puffs, or puff several times, and then exhale it all at once..

    Any other tricks like what I mentioned to get higher?:)
  2. Not really, but a tip for getting higher in general is to ghost it. This is done either by holding it in for an excessively long time or but putting pressure on your chest (not by touching it) while the hit is in your lungs. The way by putting pressure is pretty hard to do but I've been able to do it a few times and gets me rippedd.

  3. I heard holding it in any longer than 5 seconds is just causing harm to your lungs though:confused:
  4. Well it won't harm your lungs to my knowledge, but when you successfully ghost a hit, you don't blow out any smoke. Whether you do it one way or the other your fully absorbing the entire hit, so it will get you higher but its definitely more healthy to do it the way where you don't hold it in a long time. It's just much harder.
  5. If i=I have mids I just roll a fat blunt for myself and if anyone else wnats to smoke i roll them a blunt. It gets you higher much easier then having to pack a million bowls.

  6. I think this would just get you lightheaded 'cause of the lack of oxygen to the brain, which could lead you to believe you're getting higher lol

    I mainly smoke joints though lol
  7. I found that my high is more intense with mid when smoking out of a bong, so u may want to try that.
  8. Then roll a fat kingsize joint then.

  9. Anything is better out of bong lol

    Sounds good :D lol
  10. Hold in your tokes, man.

  11. For how long?:confused:
  12. I think its both. Yes you are lacking oxygen to the brain which could lead you to thinking your higher, but also all the smoke is absorbed. If all the smoke is absorbed by doing it one way and only some is another way, its gotta be better. And i know for a fact the other way of ghosting gets you higher so why wouldn't this way?

  13. Yeah you're right...but they say 90% of the thc is absorbed in the first 3 seconds after you inhale, and the rest of the smoke is not beneficial in any way:confused:
  14. #14 Tectonic420, Nov 19, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 19, 2011
    Yeah, ghosting a hit is bad for you because although marijuana smoke is not cancerous it still has tars and carcinogens and is therefore detrimental to your health. Holding a hit for five seconds is about all you need, for most people it's3-7 seconds just on preference, but more than 7 and you are for sure just doing unnecessary damage to your lungs. Use a gravity bong to get more out of your weed. (Or a waterfall bong ive heard works pretty well, but have never used one myself.)
  15. Man. All I've been smoking is Mids, I'm unemployed and can't go breakin the bank.

    1. Cornering: if smoking from a bowl, corner it, as you would with company. Only this time, just smoke one area down until it's ash. Then, knock it out and push it over, BAM! you just got two bowls outta one, and if your like me, you should feel higher.

    2. Bongs&such: Bongs, and gravity bongs will help you in conserving the weed as well as getting ripped. Pack smaller bowl you can take in one hit(snaps) and you should get a nice buzz goin.

    3. Ghosting: As said by Smokeys up above, ghost a hit. Hold it in til there is no smoke exhaled. This will probably only get you higher due to a lack of oxygen, but take it where you can get it i guess.

    4. No Joints! Joints and blunts and stuff are gonna waste your weed.

    If you do these above things your high of Mids should be grand, I know mine has been.
    Hope I helped! :smoke: :wave:
  16. theres not really anything you can do to get higher off of mids.a general trick to get higher from any bud tho is to not fall victim to munchies and drink stuff that is high in vitamin c. the vitamin c works for other unmentionables as well
  17. edibles ftw
  18. I always just hold my hits in for a longer time and if at all possible I hotbox so that I can "re-hit" some of my hits. I usually don't have this problem unless I'm smoking my dad's weed though
  19. if you have ever seen somebody take a hit while hanging off a bed or putting there feet up on a wall and ur face down taking a hit, tryed it a couple of times and to me i got a better high
  20. Ghosting hits are bad for you because most of the thc is absorbed during the first 5 seconds. After that you basically absorbing the cbd in the bud, which will make you higher. However it does cause a lack of oxygen which does lead to brain cell damage, and you are holding smoke in your lungs that is 3-5 times thicker than cigarette smoke. So you basically expose yourself to the same amount of smoke as you would if you ghosted 4 cig hits. Fortunatly MJ does not contain nearly as many chemical compounds so it is not as harmful. I would suggest using pipes, or water pieces (bongs, bubblers). They filter the smoke providing a cleaner, larger, smoother hit. Your high can also be affected by your state of mind. Example if you tell yourself your not going to get that high then you won't. Smoking after a good workout will also get you higher. And try to avoid food, sugars, and dairy products while high because it will kill it.

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