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Get Higher By Eating Some Mango...?

Discussion in 'General' started by silkyjohnson, Nov 12, 2008.

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    Well I tried posting this in Recreational, but it was deleted. Not sure if anyone saw it or anything, but if not check this out.


    Apparently you can increase the quality of your high from regs by adding some of the missing chemicals to your body that are commonly present in dank. One way to do this is as simple as eating a mango...

    I found this so intriguing that I wrote a post on my blog about it. For a little more detail check my post here, and there's a link to my source there if you want to inspect further

    keep it real, and post here if you try it and it works :smoking::smoking:
  2. i didnt think this was the case with THC, but with other drugs like opiates and mdma and shrooms those citrus fruits and drinks enhance your experience..
  3. i tried it tonight..not sure if it worked
  4. eh, o well, at least mangos taste awesome
  5. hahaha... 'not sure if it worked'.

    i believe to my soul it does.
  6. I tried it once with no luck.
  7. it works. me and my best friend did this with 100% real mango juice one time. we got HIGH.

    the enzyme myrcene is present in the mango. myrcene lets thc pass the blood brain easier and quicker. resulting in a more intense high

    eat the mango 45 minutes before you smoke.a ripe one too

    or REAL mango juice 30 minutes before
  8. hell yeah this works i ate a ripe but not quite over ripe mango 50 minutes before smoking and one bong bowl later i was pretty damn high and then the second one i was out of my minddddddddddddddddd stoneddddddd like now. hahha :)-

  9. I heard of this before as a matter of fact I think theres a thread on this already.
  10. This is so sick. I wonder what smoking natural mango blnunt wraps would do.....
  11. Mangoes are going on my shopping list from now on
  12. Links provided in this thread: 3
    Links dead in this thread: 3
  13. yes, ripe mango one hour before you smoke gets you higher.
  14. Have had a bunch of mangos lately and have been eating them daily, but I had been out of weed. Got a bag last night so this morning I figured I would test this theory for myself.:devious: Ate a mango and waited about 45 min and blazed on my MFLB. Needless to say I am really stoned, and I still have 1 fat mango left for another time. :D

    Definitely a believer in the mango theory ;)
  15. shit TOTALLY WORKS! I whipped up a nice mango smoothie b4 smoking a bowl and the high was amazing.

    Significantly higher,
  16. I have tried this several different times, but the results were inconclusive.
    If it did increase my high it wasn't by much
  17. Definitely works. Tried it last night and got pretty fuckin ripped off an amount that would normally just get me high.

    I had "Mango Nectar" from Trader Joes which was basically all natural 100% mango juice. I drank it at about 10:30 and started smoking right around 11:10 and 11:15. So anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour should do it. Like I said, I feel like it definitely worked. Good luck to everyone else
  18. I think I'll have to give it a try

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