Get high.

Discussion in 'General' started by nushaganazad, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. and watch these hilarious clips

    i had a free couple gs of some bubble gum bud, from a nonlisted website, and got blazed this morning and wanted to watcvh some funny shit, so have fun watching this stuff lol. its hilarious. just trying to keep in a good mood before court at 1.

    pumpcast news
  2. Lmao, that would be fun to do haha..

    Have you seen the commercial for Smirnoff i think its a costume party, and this broad is sittin on a chair and these 2 guys are hittin on her, and the chicks like "ill brb" and when she stands up the chair and there's a mans face on the back of the chair haha.

    They should put the head on the seat of the chair haha
  3. Funny this video too....I fucking hate pokemon but that video is HILARIOUS
  4. Haha

    "I was plastered!"
  5. haha hell yea rasta. that part was awesome, dude is like ass ugly, girl is pretty decent, and hes like, how did it happen that first time? girls response, i was plastered, HAHAH!!!
  6. Hahahaha, that pokemon one was halarious hahaha omg...those guys musta been gay or some shit haha

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