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Get High Without Drugs?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Floral, May 20, 2013.

  1. i wasted my time

  2. "High" is a slang term for substance intoxication. Substance intoxication is classified as "A state in which a person's normal capacity to act or reason is inhibited by alcohol or drugs."
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    ^^ High has many connotations though, so it depends what you're the placing term on. Ex: How high was the slide? How high was the measurements you poured? How high were the Firestone tires that the mechanic installed? How high was the length of her hair? Well, you catch my drift. I'll try to see if I could find a different synoynm with altering my psychological state, hmm let me see: The realm of my mind is inclined to a farther level than what I usually experience in the state of sobriety. 
  4. Wait a minute, UK doesn't have any dank? 
  5. I DIDNT SAY IT GOT YOU HIGH? Omg whats wrong with you? 
  6. Yeah, but hard to find
  7. For fuck sake. Anything i write, people split hairs with it. Plain and straight what i was implying: (1) Video uploader titles it "Getting high without drugs" I disagree in a polite way. (2) Although i think the effect is quite cool (3) I want to know what you people think, thus the reason why we're in a forum. 
    If everyone stopped picking at every word i say, and focus on their view on this video, it would be much appreciated. Not saying this is just you bro, im just saying this to everyone. 
  8. 1. this is a question and answer section
    2. you used a question mark
    3. you didn't seem sure in your post
  9. Thats correct, i did ask a question, thus proving my second point of wanting to know what you guys think. If there was no question mark, then it would appear i was stating that it gets you high, when infact i want to know your view on the video, not myself. And nah i wasnt unsure, just ya'know being polite or whatever. 
  10. Yeah and you now know i think it was a dumb question
  11. Well your a cunt :) 
  12. Fiend game Lindsey Lohan 
  13. Of course it does, but I'm pretty sure OP is using it as slang for intoxication.
    This is going nowhere.

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