get high and tell me this isn't intense.

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  1. [ame=""]YouTube - HORSE the band - New York City[/ame]

    Let me know you what you think.... I love it how different it is and everything just flows...
  2. ...flows dude?? Thats like as tech as it gets! :p

    I like the video and the music though. I'd prolly pass on it during a smoke sesh though man. A bit too much on the ear canals ya know? But on any other day? Hell yeah, i like
  3. lol i feel ya dude i guess we all have our own taste and in my ears it does flow lol but i can understand the it being too much thing cause sometimes it is too much lol
  4. god damn no...sorry lol
  5. Amazing instrumentals. The voice just hurts my ears.
  6. lol
    I definitely agree! that is my favorite thing about this song... how many bands do you know of that use nintendo sounds in their songs...
  7. hell yes. HORSE the band!!! :)
    Murder by them is amazing.
    ahh such chill stuff to listen too when your blazing (;
    but then again im just a complete metal head haha.
    or Nintendo-core hahah :p
  8. haha woot i knew I would find another HORSE fan on here! i want to go to one of their concerts so bad my friend did and said it was insane.

    and yes Murder is another one of my favorites!
  9. Bit too much goin' on for me.

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