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  1. Hey, 

    Im pretty new to grass city so ill introduce myself :). Not smoked long, probably been smoking just under a year now and its completely changed my view on the term "drugs". Living in the UK currently at university studying computing.
    Currently in the UK we've had a streak of good weather and some friends and I decided to take advantage of this. We decided amoung ourselves that this was the best idea we'd ever had. We live right next the perfect secluded woods to blaze in but also close to the town centre and we we're probably looking at it being 18-19 degrees, pretty warm for the UK. 
    ... heres the great part!
    We pre rolled 3 joints and headed through the woods (Made sure we packaged em good to avoid the smell). We visited a KFC just on the outskirts of town and bought 18 pieces of chicken, 4 fries and 2L of tango. Took us about 10 minutes to walk back into this woodland to find a suitable where we light 3 joints smoked em and devoured manly amounts of chicken!
    Would recommend this to everyone, get a nice day and get blazed!

  2. gotta say the best place so smoke has to be the woods ma man. Living near them all my life I still don't get bored It's always so awesome...
    toke on
  3. Yeah the woods/forrest is alwayds amazing. I never thought of bringing food though for some reason.

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  4. [​IMG]
    Theres the place :)
  5. I think I fish and blaze there.........................:...::......
  6. My wooded spot:
    I go to these traintracks near me. I walk along them about a mile, and off to the left is what appears to be a creek. Follow it up about 300 yards, and there is an old demo'ed dam from when the trains were steam powered. It's about 60ft high and 8ft wide. You can go out on either side about 60ft, although I wouldn't recommend it high.
    I like to just go there and sit on a large bedrock that protrudes from the creek above the damn and just chill out. I'll take pics next time it really is something.
  7. Woods shmoods u ruinied the nstite part by the kfc chickn. Its not even real. Real men dont eat garbage

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  8. I'd smoke there everyday.
  9. Sounds awesome man, take a picture and post it here next time you go :)
  10. NOw I know where I'm heading before my next sesh
  11.  i love tokin in the woods its where i always go, after i toke i jus like to sit in the forrest and listen to all the noises of the woods aha its always so calming and feels good to get away from the suburbs and enjoy what little patches of nature we have left in my town. 
  12. Welcome to GC, mate! :wave:
    There are no better places to smoke than out in the wilderness. Or, the woods behind KFC. Same deal, right? I have to say though, seeing "18 or 19" as pretty warm makes me so fucking glad I left England.
    Its an awesome place man :) really quiet, its near a golf course :)
  14. Quite alone place is best for smoking
  15. agreed man, theres really nothing like it  :smoke:
  16. Been near there before, well actually on the golf course, see the course has one hole that has a huge slope that looks over the whole of the city. I remember after a party one night me and a couple of mates went and sat on this slope at like 4am smoked a joint. So chilled when you smoke outside  :smoke:

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