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Get dry weed smell out of clothes

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Nick:, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. Hey so I have a bag in the back of my car where I keep all my dank and pieces in. Unfortunately, the bag has some of my clothes stuffed in their too. I am going away for college in a few days and I can not take my car to college therefore I had to empty it out. The only problem is, will my clothes smell. Will the smell stay on the clothes once I take them out? I can not just wash them at home because my family does the laundry all together and it will be sus if I was to go do a load alone. I was thinking of a laundry mat, but then I need to find an excuse to get out of the house for a hour or two. (Living with parents sucks). Any ideas on how to remove the smell from my clothes possibly without washing? (The smell on the clothes is not from smoking, but from the lingering smell of the pieces and ziplocked dank. Thanks
  2. Why do you need an excuse to get out of the house lol? Grab a bucket of water and some of the white powder can't emerged what it's called or the pods of you use those. Dump the clothes in the bucket and hand wash em like the old days. Or just head to the laundry mat and say you puked on your clothes. You can even ziplock them with dryer sheets and tuck them away.
  3. Only one thing to do: Smoke the clothes! lol
  4. Tell them you want to start learning how to do clothes before you go off to the land of college.

    I mean you are 18. You should be doing laundry by now
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  5. wear it while showering, scrub yourself sexually, dry it in the bathroom. simple task
  6. Just do a load of laundry at night while they're asleep or else say your gonna chill at your friends house and play videogames and then go to a laundromat.

    Also, keeping all your shit in your car is a horrible idea.

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  7. One word: Ozium. Google it, get it in a local walmart... problem eliminated bro

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