Get drunk. Stay drunk.

Discussion in 'General' started by Stickytrees, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Ok so i've been drinking quite a bit at parties recently. I used to absolutely despise of alcohol, but the fact that it is ALOT cheaper compared to bud in my area, and the quality of trees at the moment is pretty terrible has lead me to drink when i go out.

    Now, i always hate the whole hangover rooutine of drinking loads at a party, falling asleep at 1am somewhere in another persons house then doing the 'hungover walk of shame' home.

    I found a crazy way to stop it all. the other night i was at a friends party, about 30 or 40 people turned up. i got some vodka, nothing too special but enough to get me pretty fucked up.

    I also purchased 1.5 Litres of cheap energy drink from a shop which came to £2.50

    I was pretty drunk the whole night, but there wasn't one point at which i felt like i needed to crash and fall asleep like i normally do. I will be doing this method every party i go to this summer!

    TL;DR Drink vodka at parties, fall asleep, wake up with a hangover feeling awful.

    Drink vodka and 1.5L of cheap energy drink at parties, Stay awake for the night and through the next day, feel a little bit weird & still drunk.
  2. Get high

    Stay high
  3. Stickytrees is an alcoholic....
  4. what this guy said^^^
  5. Normally I wouldn't suggest such a drink, but in your case you should try some Four Loko
  6. ahaha i'm no alcoholic. only truly been drunk like ... 6 times?
  7. Stickytrees thats a mighty fine way to make sure you never wake up either!

    There is extreme danger when mixing alcohol and energy drinks espeacially at that amount!
  8. fuck alcohol
  9. Why the fuck do u have the same avatar as me
  10. You walk home? Fuck i hate waking up still semi drunk next to a couple people that you don't remember falling asleep next to then driving home lol
  11. The real question is...
  12. Get High Stay High :cool:
  13. If you must drink, you don't need the energy drinks. Just wake and bake the next morning. Hangover cured.
  14. Do you not understand ...

    Not enough money for bud = no bud.

    Cmon people it's not that hard.
  15. I'm pretty sure 1.5 l of energy drinks is a bit much dude.

    Stick with the herb, your body will thank you.
  16. Four Loko doesn't have the caffine and stuff in it anymore. Maybe if you drink it with monster or something. I've been thinking about that but have yet to try it
  17. step 1: bottle of mad dog 20/20
    step 2: 5-hour energy shot
    step 3: mix
    step 4: drink
    step 5: puke
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    LOL, three dudes with the same avatar, hahaha, that's crazy:laughing: Oh, and there is another way to avoid the hangover, you can just not drink in the first place:laughing: I'm pretty sure all that alcohol and caffeine can't be good for your mind and body:eek: But whatever, have fun, enjoy yourself , it's your body/mind, don't let me stop you:)

  19. it quickly gets to be a boring experience.

    unlike blazin' :cool:
  20. Hell no drinking doesn't get boring, it only gets boring if you start drinking by yourself or overly heavy. I can say the last 20 times i've drank it's been fun

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