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Get Drunk First or High?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by KushMasta420, May 7, 2011.

  1. wich do you all prefer and why?
  2. You're on a marijuana forum, I think this will be a very boring thread. High, because it's way better.
  3. Smoke weed then drunk = good time
    Get drunk and then smoke weed = pass out
  4. I'll usually smoke with a friend or two before I go out, then whenever I get drunk I'll usually smoke again with who ever wants to smoke. I find I can drink shitty beer really quick when I'm high but good beer takes me a much longer time than usual.

    But I smoke at least twice a day and I know a lot of people who don't smoke as often don't like to smoke before they drink for whatever reason.
  5. When I'm high I can't drink beer. The combination of pasties and beer does not mix well with me. It tastes like shit.
  6. I like to get a nice buzz going and then have a toke. I prefer to consume things prior to smoking because when I eat or drink after getting high it seems to cut the length of it down drastically.
  7. If I want to just get fucked up I'll do both simultaneously. But if I want a pleasant "experience" I'll smoke weed or hash.
  8. Smoking weed before I drink means I probably won't drink a whole lot.

    Getting drunk before I smoke means I will likely pass out sometime relatively soon.

    Getting a small buzz from alcohol (1-2 good mixed drinks, or 3-4 beers) before I smoke is fantastic. So that is my personal choice if it's all about mixing the two.
    But some nights I just feel like drinking, and some nights I just feel like smoking. However, I don't drink all that often these days.
  9. I like being stoned more than I do being drunk, but granted I rarely ever drink and usually smoke weed every day. If it matters I'd rather be around stoned people than drunk people. Drunk people make general admission concerts suck.
  10. Doesn't matter to me, either way I'm ready to party.
  11. get high as fuck, take 2 or 3 shots, (i feel them way faster when im high) then keep smoking, u r now successfully faded
  12. I started smoking before I ever started drinking it's just so much more pleasant.
  13. Last time I drank like 6 beers and then smoked 2 and a half big Gravity Bong hits. I was literally out of this world and spinning out of control lol.

    Then came the puke....
  14. I like to get a nice tipsy buzz going first.. Then smoke some weed. It just feels so nice smoking while drunk.
  15. Always smoke first.
  16. if i smoke first I don't drink much so I need to get drunk first. Really drunk like 10 beers in and then get high. :smoke::hello::wave:
  17. If I'm smoking really heady shit I stay away from booze.
  18. I like to get drunk over smoking weed anyday.When i have enough money i get a fifth of vodka and drink that shit. I open the bottle up and swallowmultiple shots.Thats the purpose of it right? to make u feel good.

    I like the numbness if gives just like a prescribed narcotic painkiller.Thats why they called it self medication. The government at least gave us that.

    --I just blew your mind didn't i?--
  19. I smoked a little first and then after a few drinks I smoke again. Get absolutely ripped and I don't get a "full" feeling from drinking darker beers. Loved it. Now that I'm on a break, drinking ain't the same!

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