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Get Drunk First or High?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by KushMasta420, May 7, 2011.

  1. Pretty much self explanitory from thread title, but i just want to kno, which feels better? getting drunk than high? or vice versa?
    plz do share with me your opinions....
    and of course keep blazin' :smoking:
  2. Usually if im drunk before i smoke i don't feel the high as much as the buzz. If its the either way around i get both worlds.

    So i guess it's smoke first then drink:smoke:
  3. Depends on the situation. When with others I prefer to drink first then get high. Never tried it alone though, not much of a solo drinker so I can't say.
  4. How bout just get high? Drinking is pretty dumb. Not telling you to stop but to me it is
  5. eh. go meditate. shit gets you fuuuucked up
  6. Get drunk first, and only smoke once your completely drunk.

    If you get high first you'll most likely lose all motivation to drink enough to get drunk.
  7. Smoke, then smoke some more.
  8. Beer before grass and your on your ass, grass before beer and your in the clear
  9. Before, During, and After.
  10. Haha, that was pretty clever :hello:
  11. Whenever I smoke before drinking I get really drowsy.
    But when I'm drunk AND THEN smoke, I have a great time :D
    ...unless I'm too drunk, in which case I pass out within 30 minutes or so
  12. I barely ever drink as I don't feel like it much, but when I do, I normally have already blazed before I'm hammered. Only on a few occasions can I ever remember drinking, where beforehand I was not blazed.
  13. do it at the same time
  14. Smoke before you drink and after you start drinking! If you don't have enough I would smoke after you started drinking. Whenever I drink I always want to smoke.
  15. ALWAYS smoke before! then on the comedown of the high, you go straight into the alcohol buzz.

    Never smoke after you drink (or when your already drunk). You will get the spins and throw up.
  16. theres this saying.. i think this might be it:

    "weed before beer you're in the clear, beer berfore grass you're on your ass"

    its about drinking and smoking, it warns against drinking before you smoke. personally, i don't think it matters at all. i can drink, then smoke, or smoke then drink and i'll be fucked up either way. it really doesn't matter. the order of consuming the drug doesn't change the experience for me or cause me to get nauseous.

    how would the order of drinking/smoking change the experience in any way? its not like the drugs are being changed or something, you'll feel exactly the same no matter which one is first.
  17. I would probably like to smoke first, since being drunk I get somewhat impaired with my ability to smoke, I end up accidentally doing stupid things like swallowing half the hit.
  18. Sure if you can't handle your shit :laughing:


  19. Old thread but for those that don't know alcohol has a synergistic effect.
    This means it multiplies the effects of any other drugs taken. Ie) Marihuana

    To the subject

    I'd prefer to smoke afterwards.
    I always want to toke when I'm drinking and it really puts you on the perfect level :)
  20. If I smoke before, I lose motivation and just want to go to sleep rather than drink enough to be drunk. So I always drink before, then smoke. And to the guy that said you'll throw up if you smoke after you start drinking, that's not true. I've only thrown up once from drinking, and I hadn't smoked at all. Everytime I smoked after, I've been fine.

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