get drunk and then high or high then drunk?

Discussion in 'General' started by pieman615, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. hey everyone im kinda new to my love mary jane and i was wondering which is the order get high then drunk or get drunk then high

    i tried to search this but no luckk any way im keeping this forum alive!

  2. high then drunk. It varies for everyone, but generally if I'm drunk and then I smoke a good bit, I get the spins and feel nauseous.
  3. Get high as you get drunk.
  4. simultaneously my friend :smoking:
  5. Don't listen to 'her', she's driven by H8
  6. I don't really H8 =[

    I love my weed, my boo bear <3, my mountain dew, and my dog
  7. High then drunk then high some more and pass out with a smile on my face
  8. I think smoking and drinking can be done at the same time. Just drink the same kind of alcohol consistantly and stay away from indica
  9. I think smoking first is better. For me, if i smoke before I drink, i get nauseous way less than if i drink first
  10. drunk then high, go out to the bars or to a party for the night, come home and pass the bong or some j's around and chill out and watch tv and talk about the night, sleep like a baby
  11. There is no order, just get fucked up and have fun in life.
  12. if you get really drunk, then start smokin bowls.. you will get so dizzy and probably puke.. but if you get real high.. then start drinking. you should be good to go.
  13. I always prefer to smoke the weed before i drink the alcohol.Mostly because its hard to realize that i'm high when im drunk.
  14. drunk THEN stoned

    but in a responsible way that feels good and doesn't make me throw up
  15. for myself, I find that if I get high first I won't hardly drink at all after that b/c I'm stoned and just don't find the taste of beer very appeasing... I usually will get drunk first and then get high, just what I prefer...
  16. merrr drinking sucks
    smoke bud THEN smoke bud
  17. High then drunk. Beer tastes delicious, and the high seems to dominate if it comes first, meaning that music is still awesome. Then of course after both are fading away and my head starts to pound, gotta get high again!
  18. you get waaaayyyyy more fucked if you wait till after about 8-10 beers to smoke, alot of people even get the spins and get sick
  19. drunk then high but get really drunk and wait until your starting to sober up, the weed massively negates the effects of a hangover for me and the experience has a very different quality to it.
  20. doesn't really matter..both simultaneously is fun. Unless you have a super low tolerance for bud it's always fun to do both at the same time. If I HAD to choose before or after though I'd say after.

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