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get caught with weed seeds?

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by kbubb91, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. thats why all the seed banks are based in the us.:rolleyes:

  2. there are legal to posses as to why seed banks can send seeds here for SOUVINOR OR IN CASE THE LAW CHANGES

    It's only illegal to germinate seeds

  3. you contradict yourself. if they were legal they would not need to be a souvanier.

    and anyway it doesnt matter this question is stupid are you germinating them in your pocket? if you cant hide seeds you cant hide pot.
  4. That is not a real cop performing an enema on you. You will never have thc covered stool. I hope this was a joke post.
  5. If they're legal to have, they wouldn't need to be in discrete packaging. If cannabis seeds are found in US mail, they are confiscated. Because they are illegal to own.
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    Lmao funny shit!
  7. yes i know seeds are legal to possess but my mom would flip shit if she found out i was trying to grow pot
  8. you can buy hemp seeds at whole foods

    just say you got them there
  9. MJ seeds are not legal to posses in the US. Attitude's disclaimer (ie. souvenirs) applies to the UK, not to the USA. Please stop this nonsense before you put your mother at risk. First grow up, then get your own place, and then take the risk as an adult. Are you even aware of the penalties in NY? Do the Rockefeller Laws ring a bell? Unbelievable.

  10. You know in the time you put into this post you could of looked up 2 dozen plants and memorized the 12 of them lol.
  11. Why are you worrying about your mom finding out about the seeds and questioning you about them? Shouldn't you be more worried about how you're going to handle your mom going to jail when they bust your grow when she's home and you're not? You sound like a great son.....
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    This thread has me dumbfounded.

    Kbubb . How the hell can you have 560 odd posts on this forums and not know the name of one type of plant?

    Why is it so hard to use google ? You at least know about carrot seeds, did it not occur to you to google mj seeds and pick a name, you only had a few thousand to choose from.

    Havent really bothered to read through all this, but the jist of it is? .. you are worried about your mum finding tiny seeds, yet you plan to try and grow and hide a big smelly plant :confused:

    Like i say, dumbfounded.

    Another pointless thread on GC :mad:
  13. You inspired me, so I took a quick look at his past threads.

    This just gets better and better. Not only does the guy live with his mom and is actually contemplating involving this woman in an illegal enterprise without her knowledge, not only does he not understand that hemp seeds are virtually identical to canna seeds - raising a serious question as to his general competence - but he actually posted his location and exactly where he goes to school in another thread. Darwin was an optimist.

  14. i decided not to grow anymore, to much of a headache and i dont have the space to grow either.
  15. some protips for everyone in this thread:

    1. Don't grow if you live with your mom.
    2. Cannabis seeds are absolutely illegal in the United States except to those with licenses to grow.

  16. fail.
  17. Smartest thing you've said in the whole thread. Good for you.
  18. i just lol'd
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    Last I checked, A person did get arrested for having seeds delivered to his house. They (the Local Police) got him on intent. (sure its an assumption the guy woulda grown those seeds, but nonetheless its happened), Customs or the FBI ended up pickign up the case when they heard about it because they were shipped form another part of the country using the federal mail system.

    I guess it really also just depends where you live too, In large cities there's not as much of a hubbub when you get caught with anything Marijuana, in Austin Tx I got a ticket for possession of a 20sack, where as all hell comes down on you if your caught with a nick here in my city. (mainly cause the cops are too lazy to actually be proactive in crime prevention so they get bored and think there is no crime, and whenever someone gets caught with pot. BAM, probation for, at least 2 years :/ If you get a nice judge.

    If you live in the U.s I can tell you how to get away with anything related (even if your caught, the law wouldn't have anything on you) to MJ and more, smoking, growing,selling, buying, all of that (plus thousands of more laws, just VM me for that info)

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