Get blunted to this shit

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  1. Playlist I threw together. Some raw tracks..

    Would have made it longer, but I wanted it to fit on one CD.

    I'll upload the junk tomorrow if anyone is interested in having it.
  2. Im not sure exactly how i ended up in such an old thread but sick man. +rep for bein one of the few ppl who actually listen to REAL rap. Sick line up for smokin a blunt to dude. My top 3 is Wu, Nas, and Mobb Deep.
  3. Haha hell yeah man. Nothin like smokin to some raw shit..
  4. I think I found my twin:p
  5. Nice list bro I have 9/17 of those...are you going to upload it? Id like to check it out and I love someone doing the playlist work for me, since I feel like I have to have an awesome Plist every time I cruise..
  6. Sure thing, I'll upload now. Check back in a bit.
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    Ok, it's uploading now. Since making this thread, though, I added a few songs. Just some more Bone Thugz and Do or Die..

    Here's what it looks like now:

    As soon as the upload is complete I'll edit this post with the link.
  8. Yes sir. (Said in method man voice)
  9. Thanks man Id appreciate it...especially now since my bro just told me I could have his amp and I already have a nice 12'' sub...Im so pumped - It's going to be installed before I start my 7 hour drive home sunday!!
    look for me bumping a heavy bass thread in these parts for suggestions haha.
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    sweet list bro. love the selection. You a fan of big L? I think ud like him a lot. One of the illest mc's.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Big L Put It On[/ame]
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    Hell yeah man. I got some 15's in my trunk that I need to get hooked up..

    Alright, here's the uploaded link. Rapidshare says it can only be downloaded ten times though, so first coem first serveee...enjoy.


    EDIT: hell yeah man, big L was the shit.
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    Sick playlist. I'll download it if you upload it.

    EDIT: Just downloaded. ;)
  13. Yea... its alright if you only listen to rap. Ya need to Put some KottonMouth kings, er some SRH,
    Yall want some Real shit to smoke to. Get that new HED P.E. - New World Orphans
    and stay high mother fucker. Shiiiit.

    Good list though n*gga
  14. OH SHI- almost missed the rapidshare probably..but It looks like its on it's way. I cant wait till my sub is hooked up. Im gonna let you know how my cruise goes for sure.

    BTW Does anyone else like the idea of a thread where people trade mixes, cd's, or playlist's!?!(by uploading to rapidshare)
    I would gladly make a mix CD for someone if they would do the same and trade me. Itd be entertianing and a great way to find some new music...
  15. i would deffinitely be down for that. i have a bnch of good music..
  16. AWESOME! Gonna download this later tonight. I have been trying to build my stoner playlist, this is perfet. +rep

  17. the download didnt work for me
  18. dude definite +rep for the sole reason of having "weed song" by bone thugs on there haha
  19. im gonna get it. even though i have most of those songs anyways...are they at least 192kbps or above?
  20. Downloading..hopefully its good quality mp3s

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