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    Ok, so I've already got my seeds into rockwool cubes and I've had sprouts for a few days now. I've got a tray with a cover and each rockwool cubes is separated into a white cube tray and I've got the whole thing covered with a know this is your typical tray with dome you get at the hydro store...There is also I heating mat under the trays, and I've got a fluro with 60W grow bulbs over everything.

    So here's my questions...It's 100% humidity in the trays when the dome is on. I've got nice 2-3 inch sprouts over the whole tray. How long should I leave these sprouts in the rockwool trays or should I transplant them into the promix now? Should I take the lids off the clear dome off the trays so the humidity is lower? Should I start introducing nutrients at this point? All they are getting right now is water. Thanks in advance.

    here's some pics



  2. Honestly dude I'd get them the hell outta there and into soil asap. they are stretchin like mad! And no. Hold of on nutes for a while. At least until they get a couple true leaf sets. Right now the cotyledons are all they got on there. If you feed them now you'll prolly kill them.
  3. i would have taken them out once they broke the surface. they are SUPER stretched out. get them out now under some good light.
  4. the lights I've got are 4 1000W MH and 2 1000W HPS. do you think they will be too strong right now or should I be good as long as its not too close?
  5. I'm gonna let someone else answer that. I do CFL so things are a little different for me... I thin one of the 1000w MH would do ok for now, but I don't know what pot size they are going into...
  6. 3 gal buckets

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