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  1. i put my seeds in a rockwool cube 3 days ago about 1/4 in. down and watered them with 1/4 strength nutrients..what is the average time that i should be seeing some form of life from these things..i'm keeping them in the dark on the top shelf of my grow cabinet where it's about 80 degrees..also should i just wait or throw the 400 watt mh at them so they will start reaching for some sun..thanks
  2. firstly, stop with the nutrients. Seeds don't need it, only established plants, you can kill small seedlings by adding ferts! once established then fert.
    It takes anything from 4 to 8 days for germination depending upon the strain. As soon as they sprout then put them under the lights.
    good luck!
  3. do not put the light to high up as the plants will reach for it and become tall and stringy. Try and keep the light no more than 18 inches away from the plants at all times. As the plant grows raise the light.
  4. thanks for the info guys all my questions were answered!

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