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  1. I tried germinating a few afghani seeds and now after 3 days they seem to be browner and bigger but don't have any roots, is it a good sign? I keep them in cotton that I spray with water twice a day.
  2. if they haven't cracked open and shot out a tap root they need more moisture.
  3. is the cotton inside something sealed like a tupperware? that will help kep moisture in. also are the seeds in direct sunlight? what temperature are they chillin at?
  4. i just fold them in a paper towel then get the towel wet. not dripping wet though.
    keep it in a warm dark place without it becoming dry and without it dripping wet.
  5. i've germinated quite a few seeds and found that the best way is to soak them in distilled water for 24-48 hrs...or untill the seed splits and is showing a tiny root...i've even left e few soaking for 4 days untill the root finally popped open with no bad effects at all...pretty much i've found that each seed will pop open once they've absorbed enough moisture...then just plant in favorite medium, root pointing down, and ur on ur way...

  6. How are you supposed to soak them for 4 days? Do you mean put them in a glass full of water? If so then I've actually heard about this method, you're supposed to leave them for 3 days and then the ones who went down are germinated and the ones which remained floating are "dead"?

    For everyone else, thanks for helping me, the seeds are always wet not soaking wet and the temperatures are fine I'll wait a little more and come back with results.
  7. [​IMG]
    Here's a picture of them, it's been 4 days and nothing. They look great and I keep them in great condition.

  8. you use distilled water and fill shot glasses. put one seed in each glass and store in a dark warm place. within a couple days a taproot will pop out, when the root gets half inch to an inch long its time to plant em

  9. That's basically what I did, except it might be a little cold for them, I'll try again with warmer temps.
  10. They should have germinated by now. Most viable seed germinate within 24 hrs. Keep them moist at ALL times and make sure the temps are 85F to 90F. Seeds love heat (and moisture) to pop.
  11. Its taking way too long, put them in regular paper towels and keep them very moist, but not drenching. Put them in a tupperware container and leave it on your fridge/computer/radio/anything warm. Should sprout a taproot in no time.
  12. Excactly...i agree with that whole thing...i do it every time and works great...all a seed needs to pop is water and heat...make sure the water stays warm and theyll open in no time...
  13. Damn out of 15 seeds noone germinated....

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