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  1. im having some trouble with seeds, could anyone give any advice about germination,
  2. Me and a bud just recently germinated a group of seeds. All we did was get a paper towel, folded it length ways placed about 10 seeds evenly about it and folded it once or twice more...placed in a small baggy kept in a fairly dark and warm area. Opened the baggy and occasionly checked on the seeds. I beleive we took them outside one night because we live in the south its rather warm and humid out...and that seemed to help them a great bit...took about 2 or 3 days i think for them to germinate the way we liked them too. Placed them in some soil and boom had some little babys sprout in about 2 days :)
  3. I normally just put them straight into pots, water and keep them moist and warm, within about 5 - 10 days growth!

    temp should be around 20C.......
  4. ive always just pput them in wet papertowels then in a zippy bag. i always get at lest 2 to germinate out of 10 seeds. but i always some how fuck it up after that phase.
  5. i just put as many seeds as i got at that time into a ziplock baggie and a enough water to submerge all the seeds in, then i just wait till they got a good sprout(about 4 days) put them in some soil and a couple days later i got babies.

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