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  1. Me and my friend just germinated some seeds we picked from a bag. We don't know the strain...but we assumed from the high that it might be an indica. We had to let the seeds germinate for longer than we wanted...which ended up being about 4 or 5 days. Two of our seeds had tails on them that were about an inch long and curly. We got them in soil today but did we wait too long? Whats our shot at getting at least one plant outta these seeds? thanks
  2. They should be fine but this is just one more reason why not to use this method of germination! You could have avoided this by planting the seed into soil or another medium.
  3. true time i'm not gonna bother with the whole paper towel approach. thanks
  4. Next time straight in to soil, just like nature does.

    That way you will avoid root damage.

  5. I agree. I have had pretty good luck germinating directly in soil.
  6. Yeah, thats the only way i ever do it, this season im gonna use some jiffy cups. But yeah, once it germs, you want it to begin its roots and stuff naturally, germinating in a papertowel is kinda stupid if you ask me. The only upside is you know which sprout and which are duds. But jiffy cups are like 11 cents each so w.e:p

  7. No it's not - not at all!

    Please do your re-search before making such statement!

    Many strains won't germinate in Jiffy's due to the adverse PH existing in peat!
  8. the jiffys work every time for me and its awesome knowing which ones are growing or not

    the ph wont really affect germination its when you put them in soil to grow you want to worry bout ph

  9. Really?? And what do you base this knowledge from? This is some very poor info b/c PH is important from germination to final flowering. Also, it may work well for bagseeds, but there are many adavanced hybreds that will not germinate in Jiffys. Jiffys are great for clones as long as they are properly prepared by soaking in water w/ a drop of peroxide, 1-2 ml of liquid seaweed, and a ph blance of 6.5 - 7.0. As for germination, they do not work all that well. Soaking them in water for 12-24 hours, pre moistened soil, and a nice mid to high 70's temp is the best way to successfully germinate seeds.

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    The greenhouses are the shit you can use wat ever medium you want in it and anyway
    the ph of the original pellet can be manipulated. you can also add all that advanced shit to.

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