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  1. I heard somewhere there is a way to up the chances of a female when its a seed. like you put it in a paper towel in a dark place til a little sprout appears. Is this true? Is this the way to do it? and if so is the sprout the root or the stem so in other word which way would i put it in the ground?
  2. i beleive its the root, so you put it down wards.

  3. HIGH All, no way to tell from seed if it's a Male or Female...putting it in a paper towel is called Germination which helps the seed to absorbed a sufficient amount of water to speed up the process. It's faster than putting it in soil.

    Yes it's the root and it goes down.
  4. germination lasts about a 5 days if you keep the paper towel wet. Just wait for the green leaves to start poking out of the seed shell
  5. mine has been over a week and its barely starting to open i lil' i think. so yea, can the seeds be bad?
  6. its dead. Seeds usualy pop anywhere from 24-48 hours after germination in a warm spot, i use on top of my monitor. I then water a pot of compost make a small hole abou 1/4" deep place the seed then lay 1/4" of wet verm on top. The verm isnt needed but it gives the seedling something light to push through while still keeping it moist. Then after the sprout has grown its first set of pointy leaves (day5-7) i blow off the verm when its dry and put new soil in upto 1/4 below the first set of leaves cylodons (sp?) and water. With this meathod i go from seed to green in 3-4 days. And the compost gives me healthy green seedlings with no ferts.
  7. i havent had it in a warm or dark place but there is lil white thing inside about to come it ok?
  8. IT shoudl have came out a few hours after cracking.

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