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  1. so I planted 2 autos this past Monday and today one of them, Dulce De Leche, has sprouted and I'm hoping my other sprouts later today or tomorrow. My question is should I start to put fertilizer once they sprout or wait a bit
  2. Wait.

    What are you going to grow them in? Soil, coco, hydro?
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  3. I'm growing them in soil... fox farm potting soil.
  4. Which fox farms? With proper transplants and a 5 gal pot I don't need to feed until well into flower with ocean forest... happy frog a couple weeks sooner. So you shouldn't need nutes for a while at the very least.

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  6. I agree with LedRoB82, above. You're using Ocean Forest so you won't need fertilizer for some time. It says that on the company website and might even say it on the bag. If I were you I'd focus on proper watering and getting the rest of your environmental conditions dialed in. I'd wait at least a month before you think about fertilizer.
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  7. Ok I'm growing an auto that should only take about 2 months so should I even bother?
  8. Of Course..Especially when the Autos go to flower..Nutes are needed for yield, potency, etc!
    I use FFOF as well and Canna Terra Vega and Flores nutes. After 3-4 weeks, I start the Vega nutes at 1/4 strength and build up to 3/4 strength..I never use full strength either..I also suggest backstrap Molasses during flower for fat buds..JMHO
  9. Autos aren't supposed to be transplanted so put them on their finally container as fast as you can... also ocean forest is a bit hot for autos so next grow I highly recommend happy frog... also you'll probably have to feed but it'll be some time down the road. Just wait until they start to show deficiencies one of the worst things you can do to an auto is give it to many nutrients to fast as you can burn the plant and stunt it and cause it to flower while it's still very small and give you a very small yield. So just be easy on the nutes and I would highly recommend buying some perlite to mix with the ocean forest.

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  10. I got some miracle grow bloom boost and miracle grow for veg stage would those be good or are there better choices
  11. Most do not like miracle grow.. and you will without a doubt 10000% not need any veg nutes this grow lol. I use dyna gro... it's salt based so some don't like it however it's cheap if you are in the states... I got over a hundred dollars worth of nutes for 28 shipped by emailing them and asking for a sample. Which the sample isn't really a sample... I have enough nutes to last me a few years at least lol.

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