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  1. hey i've been reading grow guides about germination and i have a few questions...

    1. do you NEED to do this?
    2. if you put the seeds in a sponge in the little holes would that work good?
    3. (not really ahving to do with germination) how long does it usually take before your plant is ready to smoke?

  2. the sponge thing. when i grew for my first time i cut the sponge in the middle and put the seeds in it wet it enough so it so its not soaked but damp abd put it in a baggie and put it under a lught they will crack in 1 - 7 days
  3. HIGH All, try just putting them in water for 24hrs and you'll be surprised at how many start to germ and then O.F.F.F. to the soil.
    If you put seeds in water try just a couple, if to many are in the water they'll start to mold or get a scuzz on them (from stale water). Me I change the water every 12hrs.
  4. i just put them in the siol and water slightly....and then after a few days i dig down to see how they are doing if it hasn't sprouted allready....Peace out...Sid
  5. i just put my seeds between two wet paper towels put them in a baggy in my closet so i hope they sprout in a few days
  6. im goin to hav to go with bingongie and do the paper towel method but u try wut ever u think will work best
  7. i think the best way to germinate is to fill a small cup up with water and put the seeds on top.. the seeds will float ontop til they crack...they will usually crack in 2 to 3 days....
  8. i get a plate...dinner plate

    take a piece of paper towel...and fold in into 4ths

    put 1/2 under...and 1/2 over...and sandwich seeds inbetween...keeping a moist but not floating wet papertowel till they either bust a move or mold.

  9. That's the method I use...only I place an identical plate on top so it stays humid and I won't have to spray the towels much.

    The other day I was reading about this guy who put his seeds in a cup of water, put the cup in the refrigerator for 12 hours, then took it out and let it sit at room temperature for 24 hours. His reasoning behind this was that it makes the seeds think it's the end of winter...personally, I don't think it matters IMO.
  10. weed doesnt need cold stratification (cold weather).

    and what i do is wrap with keep out the mold and humidity.

    something to think about...

    try to keep everything as clean and steril as u soapy water to clean the plate good.

    another comment...warm underside (heating pad) will be even better.

    what we do in the botany lab is the "plate" method under warm lights with many layers of a thick cottony fabric...with a constant bath of water. we also have a fungicide spray that we spray the fabric with just in case. personally id think that if the seed molds before it germinates...its no good anyhow...but some other spp can take a very long time to germinate.

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