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  1. Just wanting to hear your methods and how effective they are for you. Im putting one seed in 3 layers of wet paper towels and in some plastic container (what I learned off grasscity Germination). & 1 seed was in a cup of water for 24 hours now its sitting down on the bottom of the cup (learned this off another website now deleted).

  2. Only germimted five seeds thus far so take with a grain of salt but all those five are now growing so must be something I do right.

    I spray some paper to wells with water put them on a plate place seeds spray some more paper towels with water then cover with another plate then stick in my media cabinet where its real warm.
    Then. Check in 24hrs if dry spray paper towels with a little more water and replace top plate. Mine always germ with a huge tap root in about 48hrs good luck!

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  3. I fold a paper towel, get it damp, place seed(s) inside paper towel, place inside ziploc back, zip it closed and place it in a warm place. Takes about 24-48 hours before I can plant. I always get roots unless I'm dumb and put it in a hot place, I've cooked seeds before.
  4. I soak em till they crack then plant them..used to do paper towel either way is fine
  5. Thanks Guys :D
  6. im trying different methods but it seems everyone does the paper towel thing so im just going to assume thats the best method but well C
  7. I put them in a shot glass of distilled water. They will eventually sink and if they don't just push em down. Keep them in a dark, warm spot until they crack. Can then just pour the water and the seed out into your starting medium. Real easy.

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