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  1. I have put my seeds into germinate i have used a white tub with kitchen towel inside which has had water put on it i have then put the seeds on this and covered them with more wet towel. I have sealed the container and put it inside a black carrier bag as there is nowhere in my place that is really warm i have plugged a couple of 12 volt power adapters in and sat the container on the top of them. I put them in yesterday they have turned a darker color than what hey were when i put them in. But do i have to put any holes in the top of the container for oxygen 2 get into the seeds.
  2. You probably have too much water in the container, the towel should be moist but not wet
  3. Check out my germination guide on here.
  4. my seeds now have very small tap roots I am going to put them into the soil on saturday morning. So fingers crossed.
  5. You should get them in soil pronto! 1/4-1/2" taproot out of a seed is about as long as it should ever get before going into the dirt.

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