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  1. Im new to this and to be honest im looking for the perfect way to germinate my seeds. Im doing a dwc bucket so no soil. All help is appreciated
  2. the paper towel has yet to fail me. most simple method in my opinion.
  3. Can u explain with just a little more detail
  4. Take a regular paper towel, get it wet with plain water (room temperature), put the seed(s) in the middle, and fold the paper towel 4 times. Put it the folded paper towel on a plate and store it in a dark place. Just make sure it doesn't get lower than 65 degrees. Check the paper towel next day, and re-moisten it if it's almost dry. Don't let the paper towel completely dry out. It usually takes 36 hours for the tap root to show. The longest i've had to wait was 4 days. This method has always worked for me, therefor I've never tried other methods out there.

    Good luck!
  5. I have used the paper towel method described with great success as well.

    After trying several methods I prefer rapid rooters. So much more simple to just drop a seed in and wait.

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