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  1. It's only been 23 hours, but I am so impatient. I can tell the seeds have swelled up a bit, but wish they would hurry. I couldn't find any bag seed so I am using the cheapest of the ordered seeds I have, since I am a newby figured I might screw them up. I am trying KC Brains Bahia Blackhead, but I guess time will tell.
  2. they'll be fine..

    don't mess with them man.
  3. I know but I am so excited to finally have gotten started. I just checked them this morning, have the solo cups, dirt, and plastic wrap all together. Just have to put the dirt in the cups, water, plant, cover and keep moist/warm.
  4. dont fuck with them bro. you might disturb the process
  5. I won't I will just be checking them once or twice a day till they sprout.
  6. mine took 48-72hrs. i wet the paper towel every night though with fresh hot water, rung it out, and put them back even though youre not supposed to disturb them
  7. It has been about 24 hours, so I will check them again tomorrow. They are still in damp paper towels in a tupperware container. I did start the humidifyier in my room, it really dropped fast in there. I also decided since I had 5 using the papertowel method that I would put 2 in a shot glass and check those tomorrow when I check the others. I would really like at least 4 of them to sprout.
  8. the paper towel works good. it has to be in the dark. it also needs to be warm and moist, thats why i use hot water and ring it out
  9. its about 80 in there and dark so it should be ok. I even let the seeds warm up abit before I put them in there.
  10. All of the five germinated in the paper towels. So I planted them in solo cups by following one of the posts on here and covered in seran wrap. I am putting them under the T5 for heat. I have read some to say to do that and others saying not to do that, but it works best for my location. How close should the light be, I realize they do not need the light until they sprout, however just curious.
  11. Damn youre whipping out all the tricks! If using cfl get it within 6 inches and get a small fan pointed at the ballasts.
  12. Sounds good. I have done that I will not mess with them however will check them a few times a day. I already see the moisture building up on the underside of the seran wrap. I am assuming as soon as they sprout a bit I can remove the covering. Still researching that a bit but temps are good, fan set up, and have the humidifier running.
  13. Went to fill the humidifyer and there is already one that has sprouted, wasn't sure if I should leave it covered or wait till tomorrow morning.

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