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  1. I have 3 auto mazars coming and I'm about to start my first grow. I once tried germinating in a cup for 24 hours before and the seed cracked open, is this enough germinating to put the seeds in the soil and start growing or is it not enough? And I have a t5 setup do use it even if the seed hasn't popped out of the soil yet or do i use right when i put the cracked seed in the soil? Thanks for any tips i start the grow this week when the seeds get in and i just wanted to know if the way i was thinking of is good.
  2. Most people germ using paper towel method but cup method works and if you are germinating outside of the soil, you should wait for the tap route to emerge. But yeah you can stick it in the soil, make sure the shell casing is facing upward and the crack where the route emerges downward. You do not have to germinate outside of soil but it speeds up the process and is more reliable.

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