Germination under 150w hps

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  1. I germinated my seeds in paper towel for 3/4 days, then i put them in plastic cups under the soil.

    I just have a 150w hps and i'll be running a 12/12 from seed method.

    What light schedule should i do until i see the sprout? And the distance to the lamp?

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  3. distance, ide say about 1 1/2 feet

    I would keep it on 24/0 until its got a nice spout
  4. not to much light when its just a little sprout though, one of mine died because of that

  5. You can germ just fine under 24-0. "too much light" killing a sprout is incorrect. You can burn it if the light is too close though. I personally run 20-4 because i like giving the plants a night time.
  6. They have all sprout it :) I immediately start 12/12 and i have them at 16 inches from the lamp but i think they are stretching a bit.
  7. have you ever grown with that method? you know it will not provide much right..?
  8. This is my first grow, my reasons to do this method are:

    I only have a 2x2x4 grow box, so i keep the same light cycle and can put late seedlings even if i have bigger plants.

    The electric cost is less.

    I can fit more plants.

    The main reason is that i dont want big plants. This time i have bag seeds but in the second grow i gonna plant sativas or hybrid with sat dom.

    This are good points, i produce less but hey its less time too.
  9. for a first grow it doesn't matter. the main thing you are looking for in this grow is experience. once you drive the car a few times then you can go racing. smart move just getting started. having some bud that you grew from seed is one of the most fulfilling things ever!! good luck! i will stay tuned to see how it goes and lend a hand (not literally) if needed.
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    Yes this first grow is gonna give me a lot of experience and i'm just making thinks 'small' and non expensive. If things go along down the road then i invest more.

    Cant wait to get some bud of my own hehe.

    Thanks a lot thatguythat and other fellows that help me :)

    PS: I made a new threat 'Adding CFLs to my 150w hps' Check it out please
  11. so i grow with 2 150w hps i gutted from yardlights, they both have advance brand ballasts (supposedly pretty good brand) and after reading the ballast specs, this whole "150w's are cheaper" thing is starting to go out of the window in my mind. for actuall examples sake, if your 150 is a sunsystem, the sticker directly on the back should say 120v @ 3.3a....well theres a problem there. if you use the amps to watts conversion formula W=V x A youll find out that thats actually using 396w to create 150w of light.

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